Happy Birthday, WV_Woman!

I know you posted in an earlier thread that you’d had a shitty birthday so far, so I wanted to apologize for some of the things others posted in that thread, and to wish you a happy birthday. Hope it’s gotten better since this morning!

Happy Birthday ol lady!:wink:

Happy birthday, WV_Woman.

Birthdays are supposed to be special days. Days where people can give a person a little slack, and try to let them enjoy the day as best as possible. Birthdays are a telling reminder of mortality, and the certain fact that all of will soon, before we know it, cease to exist.

Birthdays should be a day to focus on positive things - and the positive parts of life, and others.

Birthdays are not meant to be shitty, or a time to be openly attacked without provocation. Don’t worry though, you’re in good company - you’re not the only one who gets attacked online on their birthday.

I would hope that most people could, for one day, let differences and irritations lie, and just tell a person who’s having a bad birthday “Hey - chin up, and maybe the day will get better for you.”

So I hope your day looks up, and that you can have some fun and smile.

Happy birthday, friend!!! :slight_smile:

Hey, maybe the birthday itself is turning out not-fun, but it is the upcoming year that counts, and I wish you a wonderful and peaceful trip around the sun.

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, from a neighboring state.

You share a birthday with Arnold Palmer!

posting while watching the news…

It appears that she was banned … :confused:

I wonder if she got to blow out the candles before she was banned?

Oh well, Happy Day anyway.

Indeed, it seems she was banned just recently tonight.

Well, she can still see this thread. I would hazard that anyone who wants to do so should still send well-wishes her way, as they will likely still be received.

I know WV_Woman in real life and she wanted me to get on here to set the record straight.

She was technically not banned. She asked one of the mods to nuke her account. The attack today was the last straw for her, I think. Real life is hard enough, why sit and read nastiness online?

A shame that people have to act like such assholes on this board and drive people away for the crime of not agreeing with the status quo.

Oh well. She’s gone now so as you were.

Can I make a (possibly futile) request of those who may wish to respond to the proxy statement of WV_Woman, or the statement of whiterose - that they do so elsewhere, in another thread, and not in this one?

Regardless of how you feel about her, or her parting statements, it would be a pleasant change if this one thread could just sit here for birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday WV_Girl. :slight_smile: God Bless You.

Also, a shame that some people can’t seem to realise what forum they’re in. Thanks for your clarification, but if you feel you must comment on our membership, you can do it elsewhere. We have an entire forum to accomodate you.

Happy birthday. :slight_smile: