Happy Earth Day, Ya Freakin' Hippies!

Yep, It’s Earth Day! Woot. Watcha doing for it?

We’re doing a few things. We’re starting some seedlings indoors with the kids (can’t plant outside yet - Mr. Frost might still make a comeback) and we’re planting some trees with a homeschool group. Then we’re headed off to a ritual thingy and drum circle by the lake - and stopping at the recycling center on the way. On the way home, we’re stopping by Costco for another 12 pack of CFL’s - usually we only replace incandescents as they go out, and we’re about halfway there, but I think we’ll do a larger swap-out today. We might even be able to finish it, actually, I have to go count fixtures.

So yeah, little changes, some more symbolic than earth-changing. But we do what we can, right?

I’m going to a big march with the NDP supporting compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Happy Earth Day right back atcha!

I do as much as I can afford, which is surprisingly a lot. My house is almost completely fluorescent, except for appliance lights, my outside lights are solar and fluorescent. I have switched my electric service to 100% turbine, happily my energy company gives this option, and it’s only around 10$ extra a month

I use canvas bags when shopping. When I have to use plastic bags for produce, I reuse those for poop and litterbox(though since my 3 1/2 dogs enjoy crispy coated kitty carmels, there is only urine…gag) patrol. I recycle everything my trash company allows. I have a compost heap for refuse veggies, eggshells and whatnot.

I buy only organic milk and free range, grain fed chicken eggs. When I can afford it, I buy organic meat, but that gets pretty pricey. I’m playing with some small amorphous solar panels to use to recharge cell phones and for use in electrical outages, and as noted in another forum, looking into building a cheap solar oven.

I politely decline styrofoam boxes for leftovers at resturants and ask for foil instead so I can add it to my recycle bin. I never use pesticides or insecticides, and in fact today, I’m gonna go harvest some dandelion greens. Thank heavens my neighbors love me.

And if I could afford the payments, I’d own a hybrid vehicle. I am however, looking for a used diesel vehicle that has been converted over to used veggie oil.

Other than that, not much. :slight_smile:


I live in Eugene Oregon, so on Earth Day I carry a cross, wear a garlic necklace and hold a bar of soap in my hands.

I also buy cage free eggs, ride my bike to work, and recycle. Hey I know whats good and bad, but hippies are scary.

Hey! I never thought of that - good one! I will add that to my list, thanks.

miztina, now if only you could get your cats to eat the dog crap…

Most welcome! I was at the Step It Up rally here in Denver Saturday week and heard an even better idea, though it might be embarrassing to some. Carry your own Tupperware type container and use that. It won’t bother me, I raised 4 teenage boys, so little embarrasses or scares me anymore. :slight_smile:

I tried a bike for short trips to the store, but I have crap knees and even the slightest hills are a big issue. Pity that.

I haven’t bought new furniture in years, my living room and bedroom are all from either Craigslist, used stores, garage sales or inherited. It all looks great though, I’ve been very, very lucky. Not to mention so cheap I hold on to a nickel until Jefferson begs for mercy.


Every day is earth day in my house.

today I turned the compost heap and set up our two rainbarrels, and dug out my solar dryer and set that up. Now we are off to the FMGardens to see the butterflies and the DaVinci Horse!