"Happy Halloween. You're going to Hell."

Creationist Group Wants You To Tell Trick-Or-Treaters They're Going To Hell | HuffPost Weird News?

Pepper Mill wants to send for this stuff. She thinks it’s a hoot.

…How old are the kids doing the Trick or Treating in their neighborhoods?

What if I look with lust at Ivylad? Is that a sin?

How about Trump looking with lust at his daughter?

Not even Jack Chick always put down Halloween! I remember one of his pamphlets, The Little Princess, in which a brother and sister(she’s very ill) go trick or treating. At one house they get a handful of candy, along with a religious tract. Neither the family of the kids, or the kindly folks who pass out the tracts, seem to thing there’s anything wrong with Halloween., since they both actively participate in it.

Don’t try to hide, either, because “God knows your every thought, word and deed and your conscience confirms that you’re guilty.”

So we might as well have a good time!


“Have you ever egged the house of some beady-eyed Bible-thumping loon who gives out whacky religious tracts instead of candy? 'Cause if you do that…uh…you’re going to MEGA-Hell! It’s way worse than regular Hell!”


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As much as I loathe Trump, we have that in common. I look at his daughter with lust also.
One year (as an adult) I went to a church-sponsored halloween house. xist it was terrible. At first it was shake your head amusing, but as we continued it deteriorated to a pathetic “laughing at the mentally challenged” type of not funny.

Are you Jimmy Carter?

Where do I get these?

It would be fun to take a group of trick or treaters dressed in satanic and lizard costumes over to Jack Chick’s house.

I hope all the ultra-religious fanatic anti-Halloween people around my neighborhood (unfortunately, we have a few) hand out tracts, so I don’t have to worry about the kids throwing eggs or toilet paper around my place.

“Laughing at the mentally challenged” – yeah, I know exactly what you mean! I went to one of those church-related halloweeny-type things a few years back. It was pretty bland and pathetic!

Damn, why don’t I ever find any messed up tracts in my area? You guys get all the fun.


I think that we need to face the thought-provoking questions this campaign has raised.

Namely, why don’t we have dinosaurs on real money?

Which one?

See Landover Baptist

Please, Baby Jesus! Don’t Send Us to Hell For Celebrating Halloween! cards
No thank you Satan. I don’t celebrate your birthday. cards

For a moment I thought Landover was a real church.:smiley:

Andrew Jackson and Ulysses Grant aren’t dinosaurs? How about Ben Franklin?

Hilarious! I hadn’t paid the Landover site a visit in quite a while.