Happy Holiday ! (unless you're a dog that is.)

Here in lovely Canada it is May 24th weekend.

Which while it was once to celebrate the Queen’s birthday is now for drinking a ‘24’ of beer and setting off fireworks.

First long weekend of the summer, a favorite for cottagers to open the cabin, campers to take to the woods and gardeners to have at it. Of course the weather always cooperates as you can see by the biblical storms we have been experiencing hereabouts for 2+ days.

Not only are there organized fireworks displays, but there are the random explosions that always accompany these things.

Between the wicked thunder and lightening and the fireworks my poor dog is beside himself. My friends say it’s the same at their house.

Woe to be a dog this weekend in Canada.

Today’s weather: high winds, more storms and more fireworks!

I love those good old fashioned traditions!

A wish of a great and safe holiday to our neighbors in the north.