Happy Canada Day!

Allow me to wish you all a Happy Canada Day. If you’re in Canada, enjoy your fireworks and barbecue and what-have-you, and enjoy being in one of the best countries on Earth!

As for myself, I guess I’ll just have to bring some Canadian flag-decorated paraphenalia into the office today and be quitely patriotic. Whoo-hoo!

Thanks! I’ve FINALLY found some fellow Canadians, so they will be coming over for a pot-luck dinner after we go to the Canadian Embassy in DC for some ALBERTA BEEF. Yay!

It’s Canada Day
Up Canada way
On the first day of July…

(Sorry, that’s all I know. Stompin’ Tom Connors, if anyone’s interested.)

Best wishes to my northern neighbours!

[sub]Hm. I wonder if this would be a good time to sell my '67 Canadian Centennial Commemorative Winchester?[/sub]

Happy Canada Day Canadians! What do y’all do on Canada Day? Shoot off fireworks? Grill moose burgers? What?

Fireworks, yes. Barbecue, parties, lots of concerts. Some of the bigger cities put together celebrations; Ottawa always has a decent-sized event on Parliament Hill, for example.

Well, I’m just a holiday piker then aren’t I? My plans for the Fourth of July are to sit in my big floaty chair in the pool and drink beer all afternoon. And char meat on a grill of course.

Woohoo! Canada Day!

Everyone eat some poutine and get drunk!

Eating a bunch of poutine and drinking a bunch of beer would make for an errr… interesting day after. :smiley:

Goood Tiiiimes… :smiley:

Oh, yeah, you all can post “Happy Canada Day” on a message board, but how many of you are going to a Canada Day party tonight?!

raises hand In Quebec, no less!

Grilled meat, fremented drink, feet up while watching trupa and trusquirt play outdoors in the sandbox , with a chorus or two of O Canada and some flag waving … ah, this is the life.

Happy Canada Day from all 3 of us!

I have a celebratory sign up in my cubicle today. I printed out the outline of a Canadian flag and colored it in with a white board marker. Underneath the flag, it says

Happy Canada Day!
(It’s like the 4th of July, only Canadian)

No Canada Day stuff for me. :frowning: Nobody here noticed.

Thanks Orbifold!

I don’t see what’s wrong with that plan.

Well, nothing really, I thought I should patriotic it up a bit. Then I remembered I bought some sparklers the other day! I’ll light up a sparkler and run around with it for a minute or two. Then I’ll be all patriotic! OOH! And watermelon. I need watermelon too!

Happy Birthday, Canada! I’ll drink to that!!!

Wait, I’m not old enough. Darn it. Nobody in my neighbourhood is probably going to be getting any sleep tonight because of fireworks. It happens every year because we’re about three blocks from our regional City Hall. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go there to watch the fireworks. :slight_smile:

Canada Day! Woo!

I’ll be off enjoying the Jazz fest tonight, I think, and I’ll drink to Canada’s birthday.

Everyone have fun, eh!

One blessing or curse, depending on how you look at it, of being born in the Centennial year, is that I always know how old Canada is. Happy 138th!

Wah :frowning:

Ironically enough, I am currently in Pennsylvania.