Happy New Rant Year!

I’m sick again. Some kind of stomach bug. Stomach pain, nausea, body aches. I cannot eat more than a few bites, and for the first part of the day couldn’t even fuck around watching YouTube. My day at work which I desperately needed was totally blown. Sr. Weasel was like, “I assume you’re picking up Wee Weasel from daycare tonight.” I thought fine, maybe I’ll feel better. I spent five hours in the tub because I couldn’t bring myself to move, and knowing this, he just kept assuming I was fine, I guess. So I told him I thought it was kind of shitty because I was worried I couldn’t safely drive.

Well, he has a really important meeting with a client tonight I’m not privy to the details but it’s serious. His job sometimes really is saving lives. But I really cannot drive. So bottom line is he will be picking up our kid 20 minutes late.

We’ve never been late picking him up before, and I do feel seriously bad about this, but I also feel seriously like I should not be driving, least of all in the dark where I’m already not too confident.

I’m not sure if this is going to turn into an argument or not.

Plus my kid is officially losing weight now from starving himself. He was of average weight for his enormous height. We are going through ADA paperwork to try to get help at the daycare.

Of course in my head I’m going through nightmare scenarios where I have to quit my job and stay home to keep him alive. I’m kinda in a bleak headspace today.

Apologies if you mentioned this before, but have you been evaluated for ADHD?

I do this a lot.

I’m kinda working on a solution, which is to just start doing the thing that’s stressing me out the most, in the order of how much it’s stressing me out, regardless of anyone else’s priorities. I’ve only put it into practice for one day so far, but it went well.

Do they penalize you for being late? When my daughter was in daycare (28 years ago) you were charged $1 a minute for being late. I was never late because I was too cheap.

I think if you make it a habit they start assessing a $35 fee. I would not blame them if they charge us tonight.

I feel badly how this went. Maybe next time I should suck it up.

I don’t blame them one bit for charging extra. Sometimes you can’t help it, though, like once when I was stuck in incredible traffic because it was Halloween, and everybody and his dog was trying to get home to dress up their little hellions and take them out trick-or-treating! The paradoxical thing about everyone all at once wanting to get home on time is that no one goes anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m reading about how stomach pain is a COVID symptom that often shows up before other symptoms. I feel like I have the flu but no respiratory symptoms.

I just got over the flu the week of Christmas.

I just want to get some work done. Tomorrow is not looking good because I have so many appointments, at least one of which will probably be cancelled and two Zoom meetings I’m gonna have to suffer through.

Eep. I was having stomach pains last night (one reason I slept poorly), and have had a slight sore throat for several days (which was one of my symptoms when I had a known case of Covid in August). I really hope I’m not doing THAT again, especially since I am fully vaccinated/boosted.

Fingers crossed for both of us. I think I’m gonna wait to test. This is really, truly, terrible timing.

I really hope it turns out to be something a lot more minor than Covid for you. Sounds like you’ve had more than enough lately.

Yes, here’s hoping for the best for you, too. :slight_smile:

Probably three times a week I feel a symptom (sore throat, headache, etc) and immediately think “Crap! Now I’ve got covid, and I’ll miss that game night next weekend!”

The next day… I’ve been healed of covid! A miracle!
A miracle every couple of days!

Today, a good friend of my sister and my SIL gave me a free PVC diggeridoo. She shared that she recently broke her big diggeridoo. She is also giving me a unicycle. Later in the car, my sister suggested that I go back to the antique store and buy the giver the big diggeridoo. This strikes me as good and fair.

Also, I now one three diggeridoos. If only all my problems were solved as easily and neatly.

Three didgeridoos and a unicycle. What a charmed life!

I’m hoping for a video very soon of Doc riding his unicycle while playing a didgeridoo!

A while ago I was coming upstairs from the basement. Halfway up, I heard my gf screaming: “I’M IN MY FUCKING OFFICE LIKE I HAVE BEEN ALL DAY!”

I came running. She turned and glared at me. I quickly explained that I was in the basement and had no idea why the fuck she was screaming.

We eventually figured it out. We have a big house. My hearing sucks. When I’m looking for her, I’ll call out, “hello?” It works. Turns out our parrot, Rocco, has learned “hello” in the same questioning tone I use. My gf had a bad day, “me” trying to locate her set her off.

I just got diagnosed as bipolar II… I’m not ready for more. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even cut out to be human. Maybe I should have been a cat or something.

As for daycare - Every daycare I’ve used would waive 1 time lateness if I called and apologized profusely enough. You only get away with that one time though.

My rant for today is that childcare both should be expensive and is too expensive and is too hard to find. My daughter has two separate weeks coming up that she’ll be off school and I need to find childcare for. My mother is willing to do it but it stresses her out eventually as it throws my daughter’s schedule off to try to sleep at grandma’s house. They still have fun, it isn’t the end of the world, but I don’t want to do it too often. Unfortunately, I’ve burned through all the babysitters here. I had one quit on me half way through the 1st day. Most just ghost me after fulfilling their original obligation. It is so hard. And to get full day babysitting for when the kids aren’t in school? Extra hard. I wish I could pay someone $15 an hour to watch her but, for the week, that’s $600! I don’t have that to drop on just childcare (and I still have to pay for the baby’s daycare). And then to turn around and do it again a month and a half later? This sucks.

ETA: I forgot to mention why this is extra hard for me. My daughter is 8 and autistic. She’s also very sensory seeking while also being generally huge so she can be a lot to handle.

I’m really sorry. Childcare in my experience is the most stressful thing about parenting. And it is expensive. And they should be paid more. It’s kind of a mess.

Apparently even though we were late to pick up our son from daycare, they didn’t consider it officially late. I guess they have more flexibility than I realized.

I still feel kind of crap today but I have gobs of work to do, so I’m gonna try to do it.

I finally put the plow back onto my gf’s Arctic Cat ATV. Damn plow is heavy and needs to be aligned perfectly. But I got it done.

Then it wouldn’t start. Turn the key and “click”. I had been raising and lowering the plow with the winch and had been meaning to charge the battery, so I assumed the battery was to blame.

No problem, the battery is located under the seat. Heh, yeah, right. The seat lifts right out but then there’s a bunch of things in the way. Eventually charged the battery, turned the key, and “click”.

Just finished pulling the starter. Damn.

I have just been going through the annoying exercise of opening bills and preparing to pay them. With trembling hands, I opened the one that is typically the worst of all, the credit card that has most of the big expenditures.

Balance owing: $0.

I am scatterbrained and pay many bills late, but in this case my scatterbrained inclinations led to things getting out of sync and my substantially overpaying them last month. Yay, a respite!

This was an anti-rant, thank you for listening. :grinning:

I’m so tired of not having any support network. I just drove to pick up my son because I had no choice, about five minutes after nearly passing out from not eating for two days. It was too late to call my husband and I was completely alone. Thank God the former nanny is coming to cover us Saturday so we can catch up on work. Sr. Weasel is just as overwhelmed with work as I am. I know this is not sustainable, but I don’t know what to do. The people we trust the most are either too far away or don’t have the bandwidth.

I told Sr Weasel I feel like we can’t win.

I’m just trying to get myself off the couch to get my son dinner, and hope I don’t faceplant into the oven or something.