Happy New Year, NYC and all points East!!

Throws confetti

SSG Schwartz

Thank you! Happy New Year to all!

There are the weirdest, most gawdawful sounds coming through my window right now. It sounds like the world’s largest digeridoo & jug band plus fireworks. New York is weird.

Happy 2009. There are fireworks/gunfire going on outside my apartment right now. And they don’t sound pro. I’m actually sort of scared.

looks outside hey…where’d all that snow go? It was still falling and on the ground a couple hours ago!
ETA: Rachael, don’t you live in Greenpoint? You must be hearing the same thing I am…

Happy New Year SSG Schwartz and everyone else!

Happy New Year from middle-Georgia!

Sounds of gunfire 'round these parts. I can’t tell if it’s the Russians or the Alabamans. :smiley:

. . . or maybe the South Macon-ites.

Thanks, Brown Eyed Girl, but i still have almost 45 minutes to my 2008. I am wishing a good luck kiss to all on the East Coast.

SSG Schwartz

Clinton Hill actually. I’m not hearing gunfire, but there was this weird foghorn/digeridoo droning sound that went on for about 20 minutes. No idea what that was all about…