Scary Photo!

This picture is genuine - it was taken on NYE in the Philipines just before the person behind the camera (a local official) died from gunshot wounds.

Check out the dude on the far left of the picture. The other people are the victim’s family and the assassin’s lookout.

The picture was published in the newspaper and the assassin plus lookout have both been arrested.

Link to the article?

Story Here ?

That is a truly bizarre and sad story but this

is bologna. The percussion of a firearm discharging just a couple of feet behind them would have been deafening.

Yes, that’s the one.

Can you tell what sort of gun it is in the pic? I would have thought a .22 could sound like a firecracker, especially in a busy NYE firework display?

No I can’t identify the gun. But supposing it was a .22, to a random bystander a few feet behind the shooter it might be confused with very loud fireworks. The difference is when you are standing in front of the muzzle the force of the discharge is focused into a much narrower cone.

Not necessarily.

I do a lot of shooting - One thing that constantly surprises me is how many and how much pistols in the open sound like rather innocuous fireworks. I’d guess, from looking at the image, something in the 9mm range, which includes .380acp. Unless he was loading +P rounds, I have no trouble beliving that the family failed to distinguish the shot from a loud firework - Especially if they’ve little experience with firearms.

Look at the photo again, the shooter is right behind the family - not out in the open. In my experience this would have been unmistakable - but maybe not to someone unfamiliar with firearms. I agree that the gun looks like it’s probably a .380acp.

Is it weird that the block out the faces of the family members with black squares, but name them in the article?

Not that weird, I’d think. If folks can’t put a face to the name, it’s harder to do something nasty to them. OTOH, by naming the victim, you’ve effectively named the family already, so there’s no real point in redacting the names.

The shooter is outside not indoors.

If there are a whack of fire crackers and whatnot. They probably didn’t immediately figure out it was a gunshot until 2 seconds later when they saw blood and realized it wasn’t just a really loud firework after all.

I actually did take shots of firearms for firecrackers some time ago. It was outdoors aswell and, though friends told me right away, I only believed the sound to come from a gun when I saw people fire in the air right next to me.

I have no experience with firearms, wich might explain why I didnt recognize the suond, eventhough it where bigger weapons than just handguns.