Happy Presidents Day: Got Your Tree Up And Gifts Wrapped?

Wishing everyone a Happy Presidents Day, and assuming you have all decorated your house with your Presidents’ Tree, wrapped your gifts, planned your Presidents Day dinner. will be singing Presidents Day songs and dashing off to your local businesses for those great Presidents Day sales!

We just celebrated Vice Presidents Eve and are all atwitter about tomorrow’s events!

So, what have you got planned?

No Presidents Day is complete with out this.

Nothing today, but tomorrow, on Ex-Presidents Day, I plan to be one of the many celebrating the addition of George W. Bush to their ranks.

Should I assume a President’s Day tree is a cherry tree that has been chopped down and is laying on the floor?

Let me go find a silver dollar to skip across the Tigris.

I’ve got my favorite Cross pen warmed up, ready to sign some executive household orders. Further, I’ve briefed my wife (the real Speaker of this House) on how I’m going to annex the backyard.

This, of course, is after I brief her on how I plan to clean up our own Superfund site–the garage.

To celebrate our first and latest presidents, I’m baking a Black Forest cake (cherry & chocolate, get it?)

So, I was just wondering which president had the most sex in the White House. Of course FDR was a 3±termer, but I’m thinking a lot of his sex was with his secretary at Warm Springs. Clinton jokes are probably just that…I would imagine that there wasn’t a whole lot of sex going on at the White House, which is why he was messing with Monica Lewinsky. Kennedy probably boinked a few in the WH, too. Any thoughts? :smiley:

Damn! I still haven’t taken down my Groundhog Day Tree, and it’s already President’s Day?! sighs