Trivia question: U.S. Presidents

Without looking it up, which U.S. president was never elected as President nor VP and what was his or her position before entering the executive branch? Please enter your answers using spoiler mode so others can ponder…

Gerald Ford was House Minority leader before he was appointed vice-president by Nixon after Spiro Agnew resigned. Ford then became president upon Nixon’s resignation. He was defeated by Carter in the 1976 election.

Bah, I had to look up his previous job so technically I cheated.

I knew this answer, but didn’t know how to use spoiler tags. So I suppose I cheated in copying the spoilered answer. :slight_smile:

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His or her position???

Gerald Ford. I believe he was the House minority leader.

All thanks to the 25th Amendment:

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Presidential fun fact: William Henry Harrison was actually a woman in drag. When the White House physician accidentally spotted her peeing while sitting down, she was secretly assassinated, and a cover story involving pneumonia was concocted.

Hey…get your own presidential trivia thread :slight_smile: Actually, we’ve had one woman (AFAIK) hold the position from which this president ascended - there’s a hint for ya.

correct prez, half credit

OK, full honor-system credit (ditto etv78); lisiate’s answer was right on.

You are correct.

Although the 25th doesn’t seem to require that it had to be this particular person … could have been any U.S. citizen of age, technically.

According to some, Edith Wilson has been our only female president

I cheated by being alive in 1973.

And I remember people saying at the time, “Some day all of this will be the answer to a trivia question”.

And lo, that day has arrived.

Still, it’s depressing to see things that one remembers being in the headlines, as trivia.

O.K., easy one(s):

After completing his term in office, which president:

  1. Served as a member of Congress?

  2. Served as a US senator?

  3. Served on the US Supreme Court?

We’re talking three different guys by the way.

John Quincy Adams. Have toured Peacefield before.

Can’t remember off the top of my head.

Ohio born William Howard Taft, CJ. Also instrumental in getting the SC thier own building in 1935. One of 2 President’s buried in Arlington National cemetery.