Happy Thanksgiving week to all who celebrate -

and to everyone else, too.

It’s Thanksgiving time in the US! What are people’s plans? I am flying out tomorrow morning to Colorado, to see my beloved aunts and their not-so-beloved and kind-of-creepy adopted son. shrugs Could be worse. From what I gather, Mom may not be there. But it’s all good, because it’ll be over soon!

I know there are a couple of other people who have to deal with annoying and even evil relatives (FaerieBeth, I think I’m looking at you.) And for that I’m sorry and have nothing more to say then: I feel your pain, and it’ll be over soon!

All the same, Happy Stuffed Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ll go to my girlfriend’s sister’s place on Thursday to see what she knows about cooking, then on Saturday or Sunday I’ll demonstrate how to do it right. :wink:

Seriously, I have this weird medical condition where I must cook a turkey dinner once per year or I will die.

We’re taking the kids to the grandparent’s place for the usual fare. It’s really no different from the last several years, but it feels special because we almost lost my dad a couple of months ago. Friday is my husband’s birthday and the tradition is coffeecake for breakfast. It will probably be persimmon this year because we were gifted with a bag of them from a friends yard and they are gettng squishier by the minute.

And to you Anaamika.

A safe and happy holiday to all. :slight_smile:

Staying at school in a practically empty dorm, sleeeeeeeeeeeping a hell of a lot, and getting ahead on schoolwork. It’s going to be fabulous. I’ve always hated Thanksgiving, and am immensely glad I’m not going to be with anyone I’m related to - for me, family is more stress than it’s worth.

The problem is, all my friends are home for the holiday - I’m the only person from our ‘group’ from high school who’s not there. Almost all my friends from school are going home for thanksgiving. So…I just keep reminding myself of how restful and productive I’m going to be this week. And trying not to think about how I haven’t seen some of my closest friends since August, and won’t see them for another month still.

Cooking for my entire family east of the Mississippi. All five of us plus one significant other dropping in later for dessert. The other six family members are meeting in Phoenix AZ for their feast. Did I mention we have a rather small family?

Nevertheless, I have already made the cranberry-orange-ginger relish, and tomorrow will bake two loaves of bread, an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. From scratch, thank you. No machines, no pre-made anything. I also have to go out to the grocery store to get some fresh vegetables. And roast some sweet potatoes from which I will make Kings Inn Sweet Potatoes on Thursday.

I love Thanksgiving.

The only negative is that the house must be cleaned, and the tablecloth and napkins ironed. However, I am hopeful that my husband and adult daughter will assist with those chores.

Right now I am waiting for the Bus Kid to call to tell me she’s within 40 minutes so I can order our pizza. She’s driving from Ohio. Thursday it’s the three of us, and her friend, my surrogate daughter Steph, a 17 pound turkey, and tons of side food-things.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too.

My wife says there are no calories on Thanksgiving, so keep that in mind.

Anaamika, best of luck getting through your weekend, I know you’ve been sweating it on and off.

We’re moving (To a bigger and better place, but still!) and having Japanese food. Probably watching some Zatoichi movies also. :slight_smile:

My parents have moved off to Vegas for their second retirement leaving all of their adult children to fend for themselves. At first, I didn’t think anything of offering to cook for everyone. I have discovered that it’s the shopping, cleaning, and other prep stuff that take a lot of time and work. Then, I found out through e-vite today that someone has invited The Crazy Lady and her “interesting” son. Last time they were over he broke my VCR by putting coasters in it and ripped apart a book my sister bought me.
In happier news, my uncle/roommate has offered to set the table before he heads off to his catering gig. We’re not talking Chinet plates and paper napkins either :slight_smile: Think more like something you would see in a magazine. Is it sad that the thing I’m most excited about is the table?