Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah, I know it is a day early, but many people will be traveling today. So, for those celebrating the holiday, a wish of a safe and happy one.

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, also!

Happy Thanksgiving, Khadaji.
I hope you have a great holiday, also.

Gobbble gobble oink!

I’ll be heading on home right after my Japanese class…This year is going to be a little weird since it’s my first year having to choose between my parents, akwardness ahoy! Despite that, I’m still looking forward to the break from college.

Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thanks - and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too.

Thanks! Same to you!

Out of five children (all girls) born to my parents, my oldest sister seems to have gotten the Betty Crocker Gene in the family. We’ll be going to her house, enjoying her hospitality and company. But mostly enjoying her cooking! Her cooking is good, but her baking is excellent, and her younger daughter has followed in her footsteps, so I’m foreseeing at least four kinds of pie and two kinds of cake. Mmmmm.

It’s just after midnight here, so it’s Thanksgiving now. Happy Turkey Day to you, too. Still, it’s almost 17 hours until I chow down.

Same right back 'atcha! We’re in Vermont with my in-laws. Had a good, smooth trip east from Ohio yesterday, despite some very foggy weather towards the end. Pies are baking as I write this and the smell is deliciously filling up the entire house. A very happy Thanksgiving to you all!

And to all!

Stay safe kids!


Time for a family tradition now… Yes, I’m the son of hippies.

Arlo live.

So… full… can’t… breathe…

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.