Happy Thoughts is a kick in the face!

So where’s the forum for

[li]my car broke down and had to be towed - to the dealership!![/li][li]my garage roof started to leak in last night’s rain[/li][li]speaking of rain, now the damn grass will be growing like crazy and I’ll need to mow every week again[/li][li]what the hell is going on in Washington now?!?!?![/li][li]speaking of grass and politics, you dumb ass tea partiers get the hell off of my lawn![/li][/ul]
and all the other really significant issues us crotchety old codgers want to talk about? We really don’t give a shit about your damned pony. Or that stupid rabbit.

Equal rights for curmudgeons!!

gotta go take another blood pressure pill…

Interesting thoughts, we’ll think about it…
Maybe next year.

Although, aren’t those things for the Pit?

I don’t see any April Fools custom forum titles.
Clearing cache now.

Hmmmm… Well, sorta - kinda, in the same way that Happy Thoughts are like MPSIMS and/or IMHO. There’s enough overlap to go around. And around. And around. But it still isn’t a Curmudgeonly Forum - No Bunnies Allowed ™.

Next year? Sure, just like all the modding and administering around here, a real problem is identified and all we get is put it off, sweep it under the rug… Why, a year from now will be - um, lemme see, exactly what is today, anyway?

Congrats to the Mods and Administrators for the forum. I think a few posters will have red faces tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thank God! I’ve been bugging the admins and mods about this for years. Finally, a forum for me!

Finally some support! I think.

Happy Trails? Or Cratchets-R-Us?

Seriously… wtf haven’t I been banned yet?

We need a new forum. Maybe something like the opposite of Happy Thoughts. I just wish I could think of a good name for it.

How about Crappy Thoughts?

OTOH, please tell us all about your cats. Even the most misanthropic cusses love a kitteh.

Alas, my intuition - or my weather bunion, or something - tells me that this whole discussion will become moot shortly. And no amount of Happy Thoughts™ will change that.

Isn’t that a wonderful Crappy Thought!

Well, mostly. The forum has now been closed, since April 1 is done and gone. “Closed” in the sense that you can still read the threads, but can’t post in that forum. We will be moving the threads into MPSIMS, along with an explanation, and you will then be able to post to them if you wish. The explanation will explain where they came from, and the rule about “only happy thoughts” will no longer apply.

We hope you enjoyed it while it lasted!

Mindless Brutality?

Well, you’re close, just the first letter of the second word. We could call it /b/.

Rats! Just when I was working myself up to maybe having a Happy Thought.

This is why so many are glass-is-half-empty kind of people. TPTB hold out a carrot, then snatch it away. It just doesn’t pay to be a bunny.

Guess I’ll just have to go back to my usual crotchety outlook. Get offa my lawn!!

Dammit, I should keep reminding myself never to be away from here on April Fool’s Day (setting up new computer be damned)

If I’m away next year, maybe the Mods’ prank would be to have everyone’s username changed to dhkendall, taht way I will ahve never left. :slight_smile:

You’ll come back to find you’ve accumulated dozens of warnings and gotten yourself banned.

But you’ll get a bunny.

Happy ***and ***Crappy thoughts.