DOn' Happy Thoughts.

It was the best damn forum on the dope.
I didn’t see one banning from that forum.
In fact, there wasn’t even a single warning given.

See how upset I am, between my new laptop’s screwy keybpoard and my being pissed off, I can’t even type a title right.

We did give “mod notes” to people who weren’t cheerful enough, but we weren’t going to give actual warnings for an April Fool’s joke (although we would have if there had been serious violations, like personal insults.) However, here’s the deep dark secret: there’s no reason that y’all can’t post happy, cheerful threads in MPSIMS even if there’s not a specific forum. :slight_smile:

Still, it’s like promising a hungry crowd steak. Kitty pictures, rainbow pictures, smilies. I foresaw a forum where running in flower fields naked like a 2011 Woodstock would be a daily thing, with skinny dipping cheerleaders and more. And it’s gone.

Not only that Wendy, I can no longer fly now that you’ve taken my Happy Thoughts. :frowning:

In its short life, it’s attracted precisely 1 post less than the Marketplace forum has since its inception August last year as of this moment. It’s not a fair comparison of course, but if you had to close one down… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have it a little while longer?

Ah well, we still have the memories. . .

Actually, we are scheduling memory erasure for the 10th and 11th of April.

But we’ll still remember if you keep that title…


Have we always been able to post pics in threads or was that just allowed in the HT forum?

Now I’m sorry I missed it but I try to avoid the Internet on 4/1.

They are currently allowed in the Marketplace forum only.

It was an accident. Pictures weren’t disabled when the new forum was set up.

Dare I say…a “Happy” accident?


<sniff> Those brave souls dare who posted to that forum. <sniff>

We should upgrade them to Super-Charter Members, along with 50% cut in the subscription rate.

It’s the right thing to do… :cool: