New Happy Thoughts Forum

This probably doesn’t require its own thread, so if the mod gods want to close it after answering my question, I’m okay with that.

What makes the new Happy Thoughts forum any different than MPSIMS? Many of the threads in MPSIMS would fit very nicely in Happy Thoughts, and all the threads currently open in Happy Thoughts are really MPSIMS threads. It seems to me that both threads will ultimately have the same content, so I don’t get it.

If all the happy and peppy and bursting with love threads are started in Happy Thoughts, the only threads left in MPSIMS will be dour musings, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

This is really not important, and I’m not losing any sleep over it (well, I guess I am seeing that it’s after two in the morning :)). I guess I’m just looking for a better perspective than I have.


Please check the date on your calendar…

Sh! You aren’t supposed to say anything until afternoon.

Look inside the forum, there is a post titled “I’m going to be a grandma”. Do you think they want to label that as mundane and pointless?

In the new "Happy Thoughts’ forum, all posts will be happy.

I’d love to post in the Here’s to beer, sun & fridays! thread, but being Lent, beer is out, so my post wouldn’t be as happy as others.

I just question why the forum has nineteen moderators! Do you expect the happiness to get out of control??? :wink:

We just know all of you too well.

It was a new forum, so we wanted a prime number of moderators. Since 19 is the first deca-plurperfect prime (the sum of its digits adds to 10), we stopped there.


Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

Sheesh, maybe I really am that dense. :frowning:

No worries, it wouldn’t be a worthwhile April 1 project if it didn’t sucker at least a couple of bright, intelligent, alert folks…

It looks like the message board equivalent of Brain Candy. I’m not going in there. Nosireebob.

Aww! But I think it’s a great forum! Don’t tell me it’s a gonna disappear :-(.

Sorry, but I gonna tell you: it’s disappeared. That is, you can read the threads but no longer post to it.

We will move the threads into MPSIMS and re-open them, with a li’l reminder of why they’re so … so … so… je ne sais quoi.