Happy Tree Friends is overrated.

Over-the-top cutesy, adorably stupid cartoon character gets disemboweled in a spectacular way. Repeat, repeat, repeat ad infinitum. Fun at first, but it wears off quickly. Like, OMG, cute giggly creature gets its entire FACE shaved off by a ceiling fan!!! I totally did not expect that!!!

Anyone else feel the same way?


Some of my best friends (with whom my tastes in entertainment normally overlap comfortably) inflicted a whole DVD of Happy Tree Friends on me and were sorely disappointed when I didn’t emerge from the experience as a devoted fan.

I saw two episodes when it originally showed up years ago. The second one was only to establish that a pattern existed. Didn’t need to watch any more after that.

I just watched almost 3 minutes of this shite on youtube. I want my 3 minutes back.