Happy Valley, anyone else watching?

Is anyone else watching Happy Valley?? I am riveted to this.


They’re working on season 3, from what I understand. You should take a look.

I love Happy Valley! I watched it on my own in the middle of the night several years ago. I was so thrilled when the big confrontation happened that I went and got my housemates and made them watch it with me from the beginning. New episodes can’t come soon enough.

I’m with you! It’s intelligently done and very compelling. The characters seem so authentic, and so does the dialogue.

I liked “Happy Valley” so much that I looked up the other major series/miniseries created by Sally Wainwright and bought the DVDs or found them online.

The best ones were “Last Tango in Halifax” (which also stars Sarah Lancashire) and - especially - “Scott & Bailey” (which is also about policewomen). Very highly recommended!

Thanks!! Ordering…

Crap, found the complete Last Tango but not a complete Scott and Bailey, wanna sell me yours when you’re done?? :slight_smile:

Heh! My collection’s not complete, but the ones I got I bought slightly used on amazon.co.uk. Most of the discs there are Region 2 (Europe) - hopefully that’s not an issue for you…

I watched all of Last Tango In Halifax as it aired on PBS (I think another season is coming soon). It’s good, but my god is it chatty. It’s all various members of this extended family talking to each other, for the entire hour.

This is one of my favorite shows- I can’t wait for Season 3. I especially thought the scenes between Katherine and her grandson were so well done and just emotionally raw. I also recommend Scott & Bailey and believe you can stream the whole series on either Britbox or Acorn as well as Hulu in the U.S (wasn’t sure from OP where).