What season of Buffy is this? Should I continue?

I started watching the Buffy DVDs in 2004. I stopped watching them during the middle of a season where Buffy left home and was working as waitress. I think the last episode I saw, she had told her mom she was a slayer and there was a party at her home crashed by vampires.

Anyway, what season was this? Should I finish the rest of the DVDs?

I’m not sure where you left off, exactly. Buffy told her mom she was a Slayer at the end of the second season. The episode where she’d run away from home and was working as a waitress was the first episode of the third season, so I’m guessing you’re somewhere early in season three. IMO, season three was the best of the entire series, so yes, you should definitly keep watching.

Yes, you’re quite early in Season 3, and you have some awesome stuff ahead of you! Don’t give up now.

First question: Haven’t a clue. Second: Hell yes, but I’m not a Buffy Geek.

However, watch the thing, no matter where you’re at. Maybe even backtrack There are some brilliant moments in that show. Deseved Emmys. The musical episode was hilarious and suprisingly good, The episode where the town loses there voices was brilliantly creepy, but still funny. And the episode where her mother dies was one on the most touching things I have ever seen on TV. It was a departure from the series, but it proves the point. Watch it because the writing is good.

A Monkey With a Gun, do you realize you just dropped a major spoiler? Not cool.

I added spoiler code to your post, A Monkey With a Gun, because yeah, that was all secret and stuff.

I think you mean the episode immediately after that one. But you’re right.

You’re conflating three different episodes. Buffy tells her mother she’s a Slayer in the last episode of season 2. We see Buffy working as a waitress in Los Angeles in the first episode of season 3. Buffy returns home at the end of episode 1 and has a party that’s crashed by zombies in episode 2.

And yes, watch the rest of the series. Watch season 7 even though almost everyone will tell you it sucks. Some of it does but some of it is as good or better than what came before.

Some of the “true” Buffy fans–who watched the show from the very beginning–think the show jumped the shark at various points–beginning with graduation from high school.

However, I got into the show later. Occasional re-runs confused me. He can’t be Buffy’s Lover–he’s a Blood Sucking Fiend! Or: He can’t be a Blood Sucking Fiend, he’s Buffy’s True Love! Some vacation time when 4 consecutive episodes could be seen on TV hooked me. Then the Chosen set came out.

For me, every season has its good shows. And I* like* “Beer Bad.”

Giles - “See my new mask? It raises the dead. Americans!”

Bridget, you’re the only one! :smiley:

This one (the mask the raises zombies which crash a party at Buffy’s house) is from Season 3.

Which is indeed what I said.

No she isn’t.

Yeah, there’s at least four of us.

The ultimate in Sub-sub-sub-genre cults: Those Buffy fans who liked “Beer Bad.” :smiley:

Five. Come on, the episode is awesome if ONLY for Buffy’s response to what-zis-face’s apology at the end.

A theory on another board I used to frequent pinned the “Beer Bad” hate down to the fact that some people didn’t want to admit that Joss may have had a point about beer being bad.

And I liked Beer Bad for the most part. So six.

Yes! And for Willow’s mocking response to what-zis-face’s smarmy “I’m so sensitive” act.

Giles: “I can’t believe you served Buffy that beer.”
Xander: “I didn’t know it was evil.”
Giles: “But you knew it was beer.”
Xander: “Well, excuse me, Mr. I-spent-the-sixties-in-an-electric-Kool-Aid-funky-Satan-Groove.”
Giles: “It was the early seventies. And you should know better.”

Joyce: “I think it brightens up the room.”

Buffy: “It’s angry at the room, Mom. It wants the room to suffer.”