Hard Boiled eggs -- How perishable?

How long can Hard boiled eggs, kept basically at room temp, be kept and still be eaten?

Basically we are talking about dyed Easter Eggs here.

Hard boiled eggs are usually good for up to one week AFTER they have been hard boiled,provided they are still in the shell and have been kept refrigerated.

Well, according to WhatsCookingAmerica, one week in the refrigerator.

At room temp, obviously less time. Personally, I wouldn’t touch one after a day.

What about those hundred year old eggs? I saw people drinking a smoothy of them on tv.

Ok, I’m bored. I’ll bite.

Hundred year old eggs, also called thousand year old eggs, are just duck eggs preserved/cured inside a coating of wood ash and lime basically. I believe it only takes about 100 days really.

The “hundred year eggs” only last for two weeks after they’re removed from the salt. allrecipes.com

Were you bored? :confused: Why the heck did you crack open an egg that had been rolling around the car for a few months?