How long can pickled eggs last

I have a friend who gives me a big jar of pickled eggs ( homemade ) every Christmas and normally I go through them fairly quick. This year I was’nt into them as usual and I still have 4 left. The last time I ate one of them was a little over a week ago. No ill effects.

I was just wondering, what’s the time limit on things that are pickled?

How long ago did you open them?
How have you kept them since they were opened?

Months, at least, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were years. Even raw eggs are good for a month or more (the flavors might shift a bit, but they’re still wholesome). Hard-boiled eggs last longer than raw ones, and pickled boiled eggs will last longer yet.

Pickled eggs last a good long time (months). The eggs will tend to get stiffer and stiffer until they are no longer palatable, but they’ll still be okay to eat.

A thousand years?
Title :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys.
Grabbing one of the last four right now.

And, Pullet, I opened them Christmas day and kept them in the fridge in a sealed container