If you painted Easter eggs this year. Will your family eat them after Easter?

You boiled the eggs and let the kids stain and decorate them. :smiley: Easter morning the eggs were hidden for the kids to find. The Easter egg hunt went great.

What do you do with all those boiled eggs? Eat them? Let them go bad? Egg Salad maybe?

Its a dilemma if you aren’t a fan of boiled eggs. They only last two or three days. I’ll peel and eat a couple and thats it. We used to make egg salad with some of them.

Hard boiled eggs are good for a week if refrigerated. Plenty of time to peel 'n eat them as a snack.

I took the eggs we made with my nieces and made deviled eggs to eat with Easter dinner.

Here is a simple egg salad recipe for young families with Easter eggs to consume.

we always make sandwiches with the egg salad.

Ok, I was wrong. We always felt they were bad after three or four days. But truthfully, we were just tired of eating them. We used to put out two dozen eggs for our two daughters and their friends egg hunt.

Great that your hunts went great. Apparently that can’t be taken for granted in these unsettled times.

Since it seems that Easter egg hunts themselves get hijacked so readily these days, I suppose it must be acceptable if I likewise hijack this thread just to mention it: Just today, I saw no less that THREE articles describing three separate Easter egg hunts that got disrupted in various ways. The most :smack:-worthy of them being that PEZ hunt that got trashed by all the parents behaving badly.

Seems unlikely a backyard family Easter egg would get out of control. Our hunts were only for our two daughters and a few of their friends. We never had more than 7 or 8 kids that I can recall.

But any holiday can be soured by an adult thats drinking or in a bad mood. Or maybe one of the kids is sick. Holidays don’t always go as hoped.

I can imagine organizing a big egg hunt with hundreds of kids requires a lot of planning. Its a shame the hunts this year were spoiled by parents and kids acting selfishly.

We did this with ours, too.

For some reason the idea of eating *deviled *eggs on Easter makes me laugh. Seems a bit incongruous with the meaning of the holiday. :wink:

I guess a lot of people never think of it like that. I guess next Easter we’ll serve deviled eggs too. LOL

My family were not church-goers. For us, the big Easter feast was breakfast, not dinner.

The children would get up early and hunt for Easter eggs in the yard. Then Mom would use the eggs to make breakfast.

Toast or biscuits, topped by sliced eggs, topped by cream-curry gravy.

We boiled 8, my wife will make egg curry tonight probably with 3 or 4 of them, and I’ll devil whatever’s left.

Either of the first two choices, I picked egg salad because I like that better.

We usually decorate the eggs a week before, and then set them out in a basket for display … but eat as we go, all the way through Easter. This year, we probably ate 2/3 of our supply before actual Easter.

For egg hunts, I use plastic eggs with mini chocolates inside.

No colored eggs at my house this year, but when we did color them, we always ate them as peel-and-eat or egg salad. Love eggs!

^ this. Our kids are too old for egg hunts, and the grandkid is not old enough. Next year there WILL be eggs!

Yeah, the egg hunt eggs become a plate of deviled eggs at dinner.

Rats, now I want deviled eggs.

I boiled the eggs, then sliced them for deviled eggs. I dyed the whites before filling them, so we had festive little devils! All 24 halves were eaten before dinner was served.

Eating the eggs is the best part of Easter.

And I’m annoyed that peel and eat is an exclusive option from egg salad. The answer is “yes” :slight_smile:

Also, deviled.

Hard boiled eggs should be good for about a week, but they never last that long in my house.

I had no idea deviled eggs were so popular. I should have included them in the poll.

I’ve had them a few times at church potluck dinners. They were ok.

Here too.

When we colored eggs, which we haven’t in a while (and especially not this year), we didn’t color hard boiled eggs. Instead we’d drain raw eggs, using the whites and yokes for brownies or something, and color the empty shells.

Yeah , we ate the Easter eggs as kids I am not sure why we made b/c were are Jewish. I guess it fun to us as kids.