Hard Boiled Eggs: What else can I do with them?

We got a bit exuberant with coloring Easter eggs last weekend, and now I have two dozen of the things left sitting in the fridge.

So far I’ve used them for:
-egg salad sandwiches
-cut up and put on salads
-eaten plain with just a bit of salt
What else can I do with hard boiled eggs that is fairly simple?

Here’s a few dozen recipes for using up those leftover hard boiled eggs:

Me, I love the scotch eggs.

The Beauregard eggs ain’t bad, either.

Over the Easter weekend, I ate about ten bajillion deviled eggs, and loved every one. Simple as hell:

Cut each egg in half.
Dump the yolks in a bowl.
Add mayonnaise and mustard, plus (optional) chopped pickles, pickle juice (excellent!), paprika, cayenne, cumin, tabasco, and whatever the hell else floats your fancy.
Mush it all up.
Add the mixture back to the egg halves.
Top with more paprika.

Both of these look really, really good.

Egg croquettes. Make a roux in a frying pan on the stovetop. (Roux = melted butter + flour) . Chop up hard boiled egg and put it in the roux. Maybe add some garlic, scallions, chopped parsly, etc. Put in the refrigerator to cool so you can mold the egg mixture into little patties. Roll in breadcrumbs. Fry in the frying pan until golden brown.

Do what I do and fill a pickle jar with them.
With the pickle juice, of course.
Couple days of pickling and mmmmm good!

You can finely grate them over asparagus with brown butter and sauteed breadcrumbs.

They are good with sweet pickled beets also, peel them and put them in the pickling liquid and leave for a few days.

If you like Indian food, you can make a curry with hard-boiled eggs. I don’t have a recipe here, but you can find some if you google “egg curry.”

Mom used to make a white sauce, add the chopped eggs, and serve over toast. I hated it as a kid but it tastes better as an adult.

Use them to formally kill a mortal enemy.

An eggsecution.

Make some chicken and dressing with a light kettle gravy. Chop several eggs into the gravy after you take it off the heat and serve over the chicken and dressing.

Deviled eggs is what I always do with them. Or cut them up and toss them into some pasta or potato salad.

Slice them up and put them on a tuna salad sandwich. (Must be served cold, or it’s inauthentic.)

I once saw Paula Deen make a breakfast casserole with halved HB eggs, line them up in a dish, cover with a bechamel sauce (or maybe it was Hollandaise) put some cheese on top and bake until bubbly. Artery-clogging goodness.

My boyfriend like HB eggs in spaghetti sauce. I serve the eggs hot and whole and he chops them up in the sauce just before eating that way they don’t disintegrate. It’s actually pretty good, it gives the sauce a meaty flavor.

My husband does that too, when he makes the sauce from scratch. Except he doesn’t chop the eggs – they go in there whole, and they’re almost crispy when the sauce is finished. He says his Italian ex-mother-in-law did it that way.

Tuna salad and ham salad. I wonder about the names because they are stuff I make sandwiches out of.

When I was serving aboard submarines, the guys on the mess decks would put them into meatloaf. That’s right; you’d get your slice of meatloaf and find yourself staring at the cross section of a HB egg.

Didn’t hurt the meatloaf any, IIRC.

I’ve had both potato salad and lasagna with hard boiled eggs. Both good.
Salad Nicoise also a good bet.

I do a “deconstructed” egg salad sammich:
Halve roll or small baguette lengthwise, spread with butter, top with a little bit of proscuitto and shaved parmesan: toast/broil. Line up slices of hard boiled egg in a row, top with sliced green onions or chives and flaked kosher salt and pepper. Mmm!

Cameroonians slice them up and put them on a baguette with greens in a sweet vinaigrette, mayo, avocados, pinto beans and perhaps some spaghetti or anchovies.


Think I’m off to hard boil some eggs - I now am having a craving for deviled egg, and also a tuna salad sandwich.