Can anyone suggest a use for extra eggs?

I usually don’t eat eggs, but one of the recipies I love using again and again require one egg. Since I usually make two batches of this recipie in three weeks, that leaves me with 4 to 10 eggs left to deal with.

Can anyone suggest a dinner recipie that’ll help get rid of all these eggs? I specify dinner because I don’t have time to cook them for breakfast. I don’t really keep any good omlette (sic) fixings on hand (which would just create more random amounts of food I’d need to get rid of anyway).


Bake several batches of chocolate chip cookies and send them directly to me.

You will have no eggs and I will have chocolate chip cookies.

Problem solved.

First of all, can you freeze whatever it is that you make? If so, just make a bunch of batches all at once.

Second, I am a big fan of French toast for dinner. And the only other ingredients you need for that are bread and vanilla extract (plus syrup and/or butter.) And French toast freezes well, too.

Do you like quiche? You can buy ready-to-bake pie crust, then just scramble up some eggs and throw in whatever leftovers you have lying around (chopped cooked meats & veggies) and bake at 350F for about 45 minutes.

French toast?

When you make ramen noodles, beat an egg with a tiny bit of sesame oil and drizzle it into the simmering broth.

Hard boil em and chop em into a salad.

Make quickn’dirty hollandaise: 1 egg yolk, 1 tbs butter, 1 tbs lemon juice; can be expanded as neccesary.

Mix it into whatever ground beef recipes you have for some body and to make them hold better (beaten).
All except the hard boiled suggestion pretty much mask the actual source ofthe protein so you get away from the “egginess” factor.

Yum. We call this Kleenex soup, a designation that caused my daughter to refuse all foods cooked by my hand for a good three years.

No no, please: turn them into tortilla espanola, which is a Spanish potato omelette. I first tasted one in Spain and fell in love, then was delighted to learn just how easy it is to make!

FoodTV has a basic recipe here, or a more intricate version here. All you need are about 10 eggs, a couple pounds of potatoes, some onion, salt, and olive oil. That’s it! And it’ll make enough to feed a family.

Throw them at the house of someone you don’t like.

The ultimate bland comfort food:

one Idaho Potato
An egg
Some margarine, or butter.
Some cheese.

Take the egg out, and leave it on the counter. (whole)
Preheat the oven, or toaster oven, to 400 degrees.
Microwave the potato for two minutes, or two and a half if it is a big one. (It has to be hot, but it won’t be cooked yet.) Then put the potato in the oven, for thirty minutes. (Or longer, if you like the skins very crunchy.)

Get an oven mitt.

Take the potato out of the oven, split it in half with a knife, and scoop it out of the skins into a bowl. Add the egg, butter, and salt and pepper to taste. Stir it up quickly, and very thoroughly. Spoon it back into the skins, cover with the cheese, and put it back in the oven for about three minutes, until it is lightly browned, and all melted.



Hardboil the eggs and make egg salad or potato salad with them?

Quiche, already mentioned, is good. Take one part eggs and two parts whole milk,(half&half or cream is even better). Pour this egg/milk mixture into a partially baked pie crust, which already has grated cheese and chopped most anything. Bake at 350 degrees Farenheit until just set in the center. I like chopped grilled onion and crumbled bacon, with hashbrowns, for a breakfast casserole thing. Or spinach and bacon. Chicken and broccoli is good. For the vegetarians a mixture of chopped veggies works, but blanch and drain them first before placing in pie shell.

I use a couple eggs when I bread chicken. My husband loves it.