Need Egg Ideas

In exchange for occasional rides to work and excess garden produce my neighbor and co-worker keeps me supplied in fresh eggs from her small flock of hens.

A LOT of eggs.

I currently have 2 dozen in my fridge. That’s after giving a dozen to my landlord this month.

Really, it’s more eggs than I know what to do with.

Mostly, we eat them fried, scrambled, or in omelets. When I bake I use them, of course. The occasional batch of fried rice. I still have an embarrassment of riches.

What else can I do with eggs? Is it practical to mix them in with, say, tuna casserole? Any other ideas?

Make lots of hollandaise?

Frittatas and quiche come to mind. Quiche also freezes well.

Isn’t a frittata basically a type of omelet? Sure, differs in the details but the end result is pretty much related.

Quiche is a possibility.

Keep the ideas coming!

Flan (egg custard), make hard boiled eggs and add them to salads or keep them around just to eat. My neighbors keep chickens, there’s at least 20 of them now, they can’t get rid of all the eggs, best thing to do is toss them on the ground and let the chickens eat them and the bugs they attract. Cuts down on extra food and supplements they need.

Deviled eggs. I could eat a dozen of those at a sitting.

Ice cream.

Lemon meringue pie.

Chiles relleno.

It is but the texture is different and they are very easy to make.

Souffle. Custard. Meringue.

egg salad
pancakes, French toast
pasta carbonara
top a baked potato or salad with a runny egg
add hard boiled eggs to tuna salad or chicken salad

Custard (nutmeg, maple, and coconut; that’ll take care of a dozen eggs at least) and quiche.

Bread pudding and ice cream (french vanilla is really a frozen custard)

Flour-free banana pancakes: blend (or vigorously stir) mashed banana and raw eggs together at a ratio of 1 banana to 2 eggs, and cook like small pancakes (small since they break apart easily). Serve with syrup or powdered sugar. They taste like banana with the texture of the inside of french toast. Very easy and tasty.

Also, deep fried:

1 or two eggs
a few tablespoons of olive oil (enough to pool an inch or two deep when the pan is tilted up)
salt and pepper

Put oil in pan, heat up to very hot
break eggs into shallow bowl
tilt pan at ~30 degree angle, add eggs, continuously scoop hot oil over the top of the eggs for about 2 minutes until egg white is set (or longer, if desired)
season with salt and pepper

Very, very tasty.

I’ll send Mr. Athena and the dogs over; we go through about 3 dozen a week, mostly because he eats 4 at a time and cooks an extra one for the dogs at the same time.

Eggs Benedict. Nom.

Had this for brunch today. Dee-licious! :o

Cut up half a dozen hard boiled into a big bowl of potato salad. Adds a great protein flavor to it.

Particularly if you do mini quiches - you can put them in the freezer and microwave them for easy breakfasts.

Lemon curd. Keeps well in the refrigerator or freezer too. Or cherry, raspberry, or some other fruit if you don’t care for lemon.

You could get egg on your face. Or egg someone on. I’m sure there’s lots of eggselent ideas, but personally, when life gives me eggs, I make egg nog.