Hard time with youtube (as an atheist)

OK so i find a good vid on youtube.

Unfortunately, there is a constant overlay I can’t dispell.

There are overlays that say, “click to see why us, the illumiati, hijacked this” and “CLICK TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OWNER OF THIS CHANNEL”.
Really? Is Youtube that overtaken? I just want to show the video to a friend, without all the distracting overlays.

Just knowing how to stop that crap for ME would be great, but my religious friend even more.

I want that crap gone, and to be able to link a vid without 1,000 idiot comments blocking the original video.

Sorry, but I get pissed off when superstitious A-holes block science.

Yeah this mean YOU, you idiot Jesus freak!

There is not and never was a “god” and you are an idiot for thinking so.

Please kindly remove yourself from society.


Nobody even trying?

That pretty much explains the state of the world right now.


There’s a little button in the right bottom corner of the YouTube player that pops up a menu of two buttons. The top button removes annotations from the currently playing video.

What does being an atheist have to do with conspiracy theories? I hate those little overlays they’re very distracting.

Nobody is trying because statements like “There is no god and you’re an idiot if you believe there is one” are about as annoying as some clown accosting one on the street to ask “have you been saved?”, and about as interesting.

no, u.

A lot of people are asleep at four in the morning, too.

I will pray for you.

You know what I find irritating about YouTube? The moronic comments. And they aren’t any better posted on the SDMB, no matter what they call the forum this time.


u r teh suxx0rs…


I can’t get the page at all now. Funny that this occurred right after the whole Hadron Collider thing. OMG!:eek:

Can you report it to youtube?

Lol your a retard!!!

@OP: Would you be equally pissed if it were full of comments about how wrong religion is?

Am I the first one to point out the date?

I use a Greasemonkey script called ‘ft4u’ that hides all the comments and just leaves a button that says “click here to show comments” or something, or, in my case, is customized to read “click here to show ridiculous clusterfuck.” Now I wish I could find a script that takes you straight from the Fark RSS entry title to the news items, and skip over the fark page itself.

[serious mode] You can do that by clicking on the logo on the left. Not the banner, the logo for where the "not news: came from [/serious mode]