Hari Seldon's moderation

Pointing out that an argument used by one side is racist, or has no grounding in fact, is not inherently an insult. It’s a claim, that you can disagree with and argue against if you want to.

If people are presenting these claims in an insulting matter, are you reporting them? I’ll note that people on the left are modded for taking things too far all of the time.

It is, and we don’t. If you make accurate claims, they’ll be less easily dismissed.

I have. The response was effectively “Even though you have publicly stated you are a Republican and that post says, ‘All Republicans are racists.’ they did not accuse you of being a racist.” It was many years ago so I suppose current interpretation of the rules may be different.


Not by saying “I find this post poorly argued” or the like, I can’t. Because if someone from the wrong side “attacks a post” in that way, they get shut down for implicitly insulting the person who made the post.

You are incorrectly representing what happens. I won’t speculate why you’re doing so, but I will point out that if you used cites, and if you accurately paraphrased (or just plain quoted) what people said, it’d be much clearer how off-base you are.

I have never seen this happen.