Hari Seldon's moderation

I’ve been mod noted stating that animated GIFs are not allowed “according to board rules”.

By Hari Seldon nonetheless Just a few months ago.

Has that changed?

Yes, just under a month ago.



I love how we went so far off topic we actually came back on topic

I was drinking.

Cheers, then! :slight_smile:




Only to the illiterate.

I had a onebox disappear on me the other day. It showed in the preview with some errors, but the post just had a bare link. Caveat scriptor.

Moderator Note

This is basically calling those who support gifs illiterate, including those who have expressed their support of gifs in this thread. Do not insult other users.

You know what? Forget it. Never mind. I’m not looking for a fight with mods. I can live with one warning in just about twenty years, even if it was inexplicably wrong.

Great example of the sort of thing we always talk about - is it allowed to “attack the post, not the poster” or to speak ill of certain groups or political positions here?

If the wrong people do it, then saying there’s something wrong with a post means that you are attacking the person who posted it, and saying there’s something wrong with a group or position means that you are attacking the posters here who belong to that group or hold that position.

If the right people do it, then, toughen up snowflake, we’re all veterans of the Internet here and you just can’t handle the heat!

That is a nonsensical conclusion wholly unrelated to what you’re quoting. “Only to the illiterate” calls people illiterate.

If you say something like everyone who supports the Meadow Party is an idiot, no biggie. Assuming that this is in one of the forums that allows political pot shots, of course. You’re not insulting anyone specific on the SDMB.

But if SDMB user BannyMcBanface says that he strongly supports the Meadow Party, and THEN you say that everyone who supports the Meadow Party is an idiot in the same thread, then you’ve effectively just called BannyMcBanface an idiot, and you get a warning for insulting another user outside of the Pit.

It has nothing to do with whether you are pro or anti Meadow Party. In context, it’s an insult.

(The Meadow Party is a Bloom County reference, and BannyMcBanface is a test account we use to train new moderators, both chosen specifically to avoid any real-world references)

Does that mean that when a conservative poster posts and then a liberal poster comes in and says all Republicans or evil/bigoted/whatever we should report the second poster?

Yes, why wouldn’t you?

It couldn’t hurt. Have you ever tried?

Nope. I’ll start though.

This seems rather contrived. If we know that there are supporters of the Meadow Party who post on the board, why is it necessary that someone comes into the thread to make that declaration before it becomes a warning?

First, it seems a meaningless fiction, but second, it would allow a single poster to stop the “fun.” Unless I have misunderstood you, everyone can post about how much of an idiot Trump supporters are, and that’s fine, but the first time a poster says “I support Trump” then the rules change and no more comments like that are permitted.

If that was actually how threads were moderated, then we wouldn’t have two debate forums entirely full of people proclaiming that everyone who disagrees with position X is a racist, a liar, brainwashed by Fox News, etc. It’s just a restatement of the same fiction about “attack the post, not the poster” being an actual rule that’s enforced without regard to the political orientation of the post and poster.