I pit DrDeth

IIRC, from an evolutionary perspective, they are iguanas.

All I know is I used to be able to get into macho-offs with male anoles: if you glare at them and bob your head up and down, they’ll glare back and bob back and puff out their red neckbeard, and it’s amazing.

Hehehe, you don’t have to glare and bob your head. Sometimes just being near one is enough to trigger the display. I tell them, “Ooooo, you’re so terrifying!”, when they do it.

But why wouldn’t you?

Hehehe, because it feels dishonest. If I’m gonna force him to do push-ups, then I need to drop and start doing them. If they feel compelled on their own? Well, that’s their business.

ETA: Since moving to Dallas from Fort Worth, I’ve seen 0 geckos or anoles. They’ve been replaced with fireflies, cicada killers and tree frogs. Weird how moving 30 miles can change the local fauna. Oh well, I’ll stop with the diversion.

DrDeth, this is the sort of condescending bullshit that I started this thread over. Even if you were in a position to call other people illiterate (spoiler: y’ain’t), it’d be a super-dick move. You may have skated just this edge of the rule, but if you did, it’s yet another argument for the Pit: you might be able to be a douche in threads, and we can’t name your behavior there, so we need to come here to name it.

Stop being such a douche.

But he doesn’t want to stop. He wants to douche away, forever and ever. And he wants none of us to mention it, because that’s mean.

I want a pony… and for him to stop being a douche. :unamused:

And he doesn’t really want to abolish the Pit, seeing as how he has no problem with it when it suits whatever point he’s trying to make.

Fucking percentages, how do they work?

To be fair, it does say 53% on the poll, and with a quick read I could see making that conclusion. He’s wrong, of course, for the reason given in the thread, but I think that mistake is understandable.

Now if he responds and doubles down on it that’s a different story. (He hasn’t yet.)

Quickly reading without absorbing nuance is a bad habit of his.

Oh I know. My first clashes with him were based around that. He needled me to the point where I lost it and snapped at him and got a note, and that was when I put him on ignore because I decided it wasn’t worth it. Basically he was poking me about a mistake I’d made in the thread, and acknowledged, and everyone else had moved on until days later he started trying to correct me. I basically called him an idiot (not in so many words, I questioned why he had such trouble understanding things, but it boiled down to the same thing) and I pretty much wrote him off as a toxic individual.

I recently un-ignored him because I’ve seen him respond to some of the negative feedback against him and actually promise to change. He stopped doing some of the things he was doing that got under people’s skin, like the intentionally bad grammar. He didn’t have a Scrooge/Grinch awakening and learn the Magic of Christmas but he at least owned up to something and I respect that.

I’m still not a fan but I’ve eased off on him a bit. I said before (not sure if it was this thread, there are over 1,000 posts here now) that he’s not just clueless; he’s an asshole on purpose, he is doing things intentionally. He’s not just one of those posters that is dumb and doesn’t know better. You can make the argument that he’s lacking in intelligence and/or badly informed, but he’s willfully like that. I’m not sure that it’s to the extent of trolling, I think he has been a sincere asshole, but he hasn’t been an accidental one either.

Despite all that as long as I think he’s trying to be better I will at least take him off my ignore list. I’m still not saying this thread isn’t warranted but I’m going to give him a chance.

He just did.

I hate to say it, but I think he’s right and you’re calculating the % wrong. That 53% (54% now) isn’t out of total votes, it’s out of total voters. You can tell this because it doesn’t add up to 100%.

Other way around. 53% of total votes, 72% of voters. Because there are more votes than voters, since you can vote multiple times.

Yeah his first response wasn’t doubling down but his second was. Ah well.

Predicting that DrDeth will double down is like predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow: it will only come about if we offer the right blood sacrifice to the gods.

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It’s killing me to defend him here, but I think you’re making the wrong assumption about the 53%. If it were the percent of votes, then the sum of all questions would necessarily be 100%. But it isn’t, which means the displayed numbers must be % of voters.

Hold up

TroutMan’s right, but this post is beyond goofy.

The whole thing’s silly anyway. It’s a non-scientific poll, and its results mean nothing.