Harrison Ford in an Expendables film?!

Just saw on IMDb that Harrison Ford will replace Bruce Willis.

Um… that seems an odd choice to me. Sure, Ford was in great films of the 80’s, but they were never shoot 'em types or other brainless action that the Expendables films seem to pay homage to.

It seems like Ford has really come out of the wood work as of late. He stared in almost nothing during the 2000’s, now he’s turning up quite a bit. A new manager, or is marriage forcing him to get out of the house more.

Anyway, seems an odd choice at best.

He can play the guy the other Expendables think is all faggoty-edjicated and shit.

Or remove people from aircraft.

Which is the role Bruce Willis played in the original, so yes, that’s exactly what he’s doing. That said, he’s not working all that much more than he used to. But now he’s a supporting player so he can do a few movies at a time and still work about the same amount of time.

Ford also adopted Calista Flockhart’s son in the early 2000s and he’s a teenager now, so there’s less need for him to be a family man since the kid is almost grown up.

Let me guess - he’ll be playing a grumpy old fart. I swear to God, the man has turned into an unfunny Walter Matthau.

Maybe he can play a Jack Ryan like role, bastardized, of course, to fit the Expendables.

Or maybe a freighter pilot who’s good at smuggling. If they get a line about parsecs, that’ll be a win!

This might actually be a fun development.

“I belong in a museum!

I’d be surprised if he accepts the offer. Ford’s done his share of clunkers, but in general he’s not associated with the real silly, goofball, cartoon-action stuff that Stallone, Schwarzenegger & Willis have unashamedly churned out (including the rather lame Expendables itself!) I mean, sure, Indiana Jones was a little like that but it was still Spielberg for Christ’s sake!

What offer? He’s already agreed to be in the movie. He’s basically replacing Bruce Willis, who wanted too much money.

Willis was apparently offered 3 million for four days of work. He demanded four mil and was tossed.

Ford likely got the same offer. I doubt he needs the money, but you’d have to be some kind of stupid to turn that deal down.

Ok, I’m officially surprised! :eek:

Would have been really funny if he’d been offered this to be in Elysium:smiley:

I hear Mel Gibson will be in it too.

I don’t care who is in it; if Jason Statham is there, I’m there.

My wife and I love Jason Statham movies and I’m glad he’s getting seen in the Expendables movies.

Parker was a great movie. Everyone should see it.

Statham has great charisma on screen. I’d love to see him in more films. I may check Parker out.