Harrius Potter et Camera Secretorum

One for the Latin scholars:

I saw Harrius Potter et Camera Secretorum in a bookshop this morning. It’s the next in the series of Latin translations of the Harry Potter books.

Has anyone read any of this? The translation is by Peter Needham. He also did Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis, which I thought was quite a clever translation.

Great! I’ll look for it (though I’m still slogging my way through Harry Potter va Hon Da Phu Thuy.)

I believe that’s a Raincoast Edition. They also have them in Irish, Welsh and several other languages. I love the Raincoast Editions in English, and not just because you can get them at Wegmans two days after the Scholastic edition comes out.

So in the Latin version, did they cross-translate the spells back into English?

Or better Latin?

Why do you like Raincoast editions in English? Because of the cover art / inside artwork?

I gave my nephew the latin ones because a) he’s a Harry Potter fan and b) when he was taking Latin last year he was complaining that Latin was useless because no one used it. I keep on meaning to get it for myself since I took Latin in high school. I have the French language versions that my wife got me when she spotted them in our local bookstore.

Seeing them in Welsh and Irish would be interesting also.

The book is slightly smaller and thicker, so it has a “one-handed” construction, and you can read it by the pool, say, and not wind up with the spine broken and the pages flying away behind you. The cover art is different ( I never liked the art in the Scholastic edition) and it hasn’t been edited for Americans.

I just bought a copy at lunchtime. It’s the Bloomsbury hardback edition.

Hopefully. But the names are what they are, right?