Harry Dresden fans: Cold Days release date announced! [SPOILERS]

Yay!! I’ve been waiting for CD a while now.

We’ll see when the next book comes out. I personally think Ghost Story was a disservice to Butcher’s writing.

Maybe. I haven’t read it more than once myself, although I’ve gone over the first 12 more times than I can count. Mainly that’s because I primarily listen to them as audiobooks, and they couldn’t get James Marsters to do Ghost Story. I don’t even want to listen to the guy they did get.

I’m kind of confused. You call yourself RikWRITER, so I have to assume you are a writer, or fancy yourself one. Maybe you could explain to me how a fire-bombing attack, which was foreshadowed more than once in this series, is a Deus Ex Machina. How is Harry’s concern for his landlady and his fellow tenants, which, again, was shown and mentioned many times, a Deus Ex Machina? Because it seems to me it’s not at all.

I can only conclude that you consider a fire-bombing to be a close cousin to a barbeque, and that you’re vastly underestimating the danger of being the target of one. Do you think of it like he slipped and fell shoveling the snow off the sidewalk? Also, allow me to post a snippet of the relevant text:

So he didn’t FALL from a ladder, but instead was the victim of an explosion knocking the ladder out from under him. Rather more action-hero-ish, no?

Interestingly, you didn’t complain when approximately 5 paragraphs later, Sanya, the actual, PROFESSIONAL Deus Ex Machina showed up to save the day.

Whoo! Way looking forward to it. I kinda envy my girlfriend, who when she started this summer had 11 books all lined up and ready to read while I’ve had year-long breaks between pretty much every single one. I still get way too excited for a new one, though.

And I also hope he improves on Ghost Story - it was a good book, but kinda feels like a loading screen for Act 2. “Let’s pause the plot and review the status” kind of thing. I hope he just shifts into gear in Cold Days and doesn’t do the gradual buildup. We’ve had Harry taken away; now we want him back.

(And since Republic of Thives, the Daylight War and A Memory of Light have all been pushed back to 2013, I was drearing a long draught of fantasy releases. And Rothfuss and Martin are still mum about their next books, so I’m kind of reaching, having just reread all of Glen Cook and Heinlein.)

I felt the opposite. I liked the Dresden “formula.” Lots of authors with series of books about the hero stick to their “formula” and do very well – think of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe, say. Or, perhaps more analogous, the stories of Raymond Chandler. They manage to maintain my interest quite well. I thought GHOST STORY was just… dumb.

I think I’ll get the new one from the library. I have all the prior books in hardcover editions, but I don’t know that I want to continue spending money.

He’s human. Banal shit happens to us.

Apparently. I am not going to debate the use of the term deus ex machina with you. You don’t agree with my criticisms, and that’s fine. No one said you have to.

He’s a fictional character in a book about wizards and supernatural menaces. I don’t want to read about banal shit happening to him and I blame the writer when I do.

I hear you. In general I agree with you. In the this case, though, I was ready for Butcher to throw a wrench in the works. Even if for a moment. My major gripe was more about the over-powered Harry, coupled with the formula. I’m glad he was nerfed, even if for one book.

That aside, I’m most interested in seeing the fallout with Molly. There’s been plenty of foreshadowing of her going batty, because of her power. It’s shades of Harry’s uncle. It would be interesting for the apprentice of a batshit evil wizard to then deal with a his own apprentice turning into a batshit evil wizard. I don’t know if Butcher will go there, but it’s not out of the question.

I read both then and then listened to the Audible versions. These two books work are a better listen then they are a read.

I thought that perhaps you could explain it to me, but I understand your position and respect it. I don’t want to hammer away at the subject like so often happens in threads like this - hopefully I haven’t already done that. Here’s hoping we both enjoy the next book.

I probably misused the term, strictly speaking and I knew that when I used it, I was trying to convey just how out of left field I felt him breaking his back in that manner felt to me. Yes, the firebombing was foreshadowed, and I expected him to lose his home…but it seemed very out-of-the-blue when he fell off the ladder and happened to break his back and get paralyzed.
Not that he was injured badly, but how it happened. It felt cheap to me, something done for pure shock value.

That I get. He has faced down so many dangerous creatures and escaped numerous attempts on his life, so I guess to you, falling off a ladder is rather the equivalent of a household accident, even if a firebombing is involved. Comparatively, I suppose it it. Kind of like finding out Davy Crockett, rather than dying with a pile of enemy bodies around him at the Alamo, had slipped and hit his head in the tub the night before. An ignominious end to a heroic figure. :slight_smile:

Myself, I never saw Harry as all that unbreakable. He rather strikes me as Jim Rockford, if he were a wizard. Jim got all beat to hell many times, but came out on top at the end. Different expectations, I suppose, color our respective opinions.

Interesting comment from Butcher on his forum:

Well, that’s both good news and bad news. I guess it balances out to just, “news.” :slight_smile:

On the one hand, hey, new Butcher series! On the other hand, it’s something to delay new Dresden Files books.

…I’m sorry, are you the author of this story? No? Then kindly stop talking about things you don’t understand.

Harry survived that, ALL of that, because he had his magic taking some of the hurt for him…its actually perfectly believable, if a bit of a stretch, that he fell off a ladder and broke his spine…Uriel told him his back could have recovered on its own, him being a Wizard and all.

I have read all of the books now at least twice, some of them 3 times…each time I have never noticed a formula to the story…Why? Probably because I was kind of busy doing what I was supposed to be doing and ENJOYING the series…

I actually thought it added depth to the story personally. Surviving all of that only to be crippled by something mundane? Did you even pay attention to the 100 billion times Harry reiterated that he was JUST as fragile, just as fallible, as a normal human being? That he was, given the wizardly stereotype, a glass cannon?

Harry made it very clear that physically speaking he wasn’t something super human…Its perfectly logical for something ordinary to kill him. Picture all those close calls Harry had with perfectly Vanilla mortals…except that Harry didn’t have his shield bracelet.

Most likely, he would have died…in every single instance Harry saved himself with defensive magic. Or how about when he was shot at by Madrigal Raith? Imagine Harry DIDN’T have a spell-enforced Duster…he would have been bits of meat floating in the lake and the White Court would have started weeding out the magically inclined.

Harry was protected from each and every one of those situations because he went in prepared…because he had his magic ready, because he had a defense in mind. When Harry broke his back it was trying to save his elderly neighbors…it was Harry Dresden being “Harry Fucking Dresden” and trying to HELP people. Nothing more than a odd twist of fate crippled him…it was Butcher showing us all exactly how vulnerable and human Harry is.

He might have come out with a few bruises and a concussion if he were in perfect health…he wasn’t…he was exhausted, he was limping, he didn’t have a single spell left in him, thus the reason why he used his rings to open the way into his Land Ladies apartment.
If the fire happened when Harry was in perfect health, with the full of his power in tact…he would have come out fine…but he didn’t.

The whole idea of Changes, the whole POINT…was to show that the world was about to change…the Fomor, a totally new power was about to surface…the stage had to be set. Harry lost everything, even his life to set the stage for the results of his actions.

Ghost Story was as much for our benefit as Harry’s, it was to spell out everything that occurred as a result of the choices he made…the “Changes” he enacted. The world became what it was as a result of his actions.
There is nothing wrong with anything in that story, if you back up and look at the entire picture. Once you look at the whole thing, see exactly how big it all is, see how everything played out…it doesn’t make sense for it to play out any other way.

Here’s food for thought, what else happened at Bianca’s party that we have yet to see the results of? What was the knife given to Lea? What gift pleased that Dragon, what were the actions of Cowl and Kumori that night? What giant wheels are still turning in the background that we haven’t had a chance to even glimpse yet? Think about that before you quit the Dresden Files…

No, I think I’ll talk about anything I damn well please. Unless you run this message board, it’s probably quite futile to tell other people what they can and can’t discuss here.

Yeah, man, I agree with all the rest of your post but this was unnecessarily harsh.

Gadzooks! It looks like it’s not just June or July, but all of Summer 2012 that’s going to go down in the annals of SDMB history!