Harry Potter "Bertie Bott's everyflavor beans" by Jelly Belly

Oh my God. This is a riot. I grabbed a box of these for my husband on a lark, as he’s a Harry Potter dweeb: on the back it has the usual color coding chart, but including things like ‘dirt’, ‘spaghetti’, ‘sardine’, ‘vomit’, ‘booger.’

So far I’ve tried the dirt, black pepper, and spaghetti ones. I assumed that they’d taken the usual flavors and colors and made entertaining packaging. Oh, no.
They taste EXACTLY as they are described, after the initial sweet taste. I am very impressed. I mean, a dirt-flavored jelly bean. Yay!
Oh, my. Sardine. Ew.

I actually like the grass ones…
I’m not okay. I admit that…

Wait till you get an earwax one. :eek:

BTW, it’s “Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans”. Unless the US packaging differs?

I don’t think the box I got has any earwax, soap, or vomit flavored ones. I am unsure about snot. I’m disappointed. I must stock up on these, though.

Hmm. I just hit something that tasted like bubblegum, which isn’t listed on the box. If they’re sorted and boxed randomly/statistically with some mistakes, I bet someone out there has just eaten an earwax bean unexpectedly.

I think they’re interspersed with “good” flavours.

I really liked the pepper flavor.

I spat out the dirt one and refused to try booger or vomit. I think I made it through most of the others, though. Grass wasn’t so bad.

If they sold them by flavor I’d be even fatter then I am

If you’re a salt freak, the sardine one will tickle you.
For anyone who hasn’t seen these in the flesh, here’s the internet link
Sadly, they don’t include the Everyflavors in their list of official flavors. Although I don’t know why jalapeno is for the normals.

And yes, the booger one does taste authentic. No, I won’t explain how I know this.

You know, some kids grow up thinking that being an ice cream or candy taster would be the ideal job. Little do they know…

I took a box of these to work a while back, along with a bag of the regular ones, or maybe the sours, I don’t know. Anyway, I mixed them together and shared them with my co-workers, and it was a laugh riot. I did tell them what I’d done as soon as someone got the first gross one. We spent the night nibbling our way through corners of them and laughing at each others’ reactions.

I liked the grass one, too - it’s surprisingly good. Actually the earwax wasn’t bad either.

I’m not sure what the deal is with the spaghetti and vomit flavors - they are both disugusting. The vomit one in particular has a real gastric acid odor that emanates from it before it even gets to your mouth. Just sniffing it made me want to vomit, and I’m a nurse, fercryinoutloud. **Avoid the vomit flavored ones at all costs! **

I have a new box in my car, must play with them soon.

It doesn’t surprise me that they would get on the Harry Potter band wagon since they have been doing this for such a long time. Jelly Belly has been making unusually flavored jelly beans for at least 15 years. I distinctly remember nearly heaving my guts out when I got a popcorn flavored one. Absolutely rancid, it was!

Not black pepper, but you can get jalapeno, and they’re pretty darn tasty too.

These have been around for at least a couple years. I posted a story about trying a sardine one right before book 5 was released.

They just came out with two new flavors for the new book. I believe one of the two was rotten eggs. I can’t remember the other one, but it was equally nasty sounding.

“Earthworm,” I believe. :frowning:

:o That’s one of their most popular flavors! I love them when I have a taste for popcorn, but no floss. They even mimiced the dry texture of popcorn in the middle.

Now I want candy and popcorn. That’s a good breakfast combo, right??

Where can a girl of good cash standings find a package of these in Toronto?

I’ve seen them in all the dedicated candy stores. The old-fashioned kind where all they sell is candy. Also, there’s always the website.