I bought my very first bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Got it at the concession stand when we went to see Finding Nemo yesterday. I like the black pepper ones and the sardine or spinach aren’t too bad. Dirt is a bit worse. Booger? Blech! I still eat those though but I need a pepper or something right after. Haven’t seen vomit, ear wax, or grass yet.

I think I just had an ear wax. Tasted like, well, wax. Not much flavor at all, really.

Congratulations. You’re the first person I know who actually ate (meaning, chewed and swallowed) the sardine-flavored one.

I had to spit it out. I offered to pay my friend’s younger brother a dollar if he could eat one, but he wasn’t able to either. Best friend Sarah didn’t even try.

Never, ever again will I try a sardine-flavored jelly bean (except possibly by accident.)

I had a Sardine one once. I didn’t know what to expect, a friend gave me one, I ate it.

I don’t get the Every Flavor Beans. Don’t they have large lists specifying exactly what flavors you will potentially come across? Doesn’t that somewhat reduce the point?

Wow. I’m impressed. The sardine jellybeans are quite possibly the most vile-tasting thing I’ve ever tried to consume.

A coworker brought in a box of Bertie Bott’s beans a couple of months ago. People were daring each other to eat the sardine flavored ones, and no one could. Every one of us, to the last man and woman, bit down on the bean and immediately spit it into the nearest garbage can.

Most of the other ones were pretty good. Dirt wasn’t too bad, and earwax was almost flavorless. Sardine, however, was the pinnacle of grossness.

I think the grass ones are pretty good. I never tried any of the other weird ones.

I bought a package at a bookstore once. I tricked my friend into eating sardine, and he shrugged. Then I gave him all the other nasty ones and he was unfazed.

I was heartbroken.

My best friend bought some last week and her fiance immediately stuck his hand in and grabbed a bean, not knowing what it was.

It was sardine.

He was probably the most disgusted person on the face of the planet. The noises and faces he made were hilarious.

However, he DID eat and swallow it. What a sport. :slight_smile:

Even after that, he kept grabbing beans, never bothering to see what they were. He had an incredible knack for grabbing the awful ones…

All I want to say (besides the fact I literally had my gag reflex kick in when I bit down on the sardine bean) is that the vomit beans look almost exactly like the tutti fruitti.

Trust me on this one. :frowning:

I liked them all, especially horseradish, grass, and pepper. I think the last time I bought them they hadn’t come out with booger or vomit flavors, though.

Yes and no.
They do have a list, but not all flavours are on that list.

I found this out when I put a ‘coconut’ one in my mouth and it turned out to be Garlic. I also came across one that I swear was greasy pizza. There was no bean on their list with this colouring and it was simply awful.

…I rather enjoyed the bogey ones…

Sorry, but I find this kind of funny. Vomit flavoured? Who would come up with such a thing? Did you puke, or did you want to?

Are these things made by Jelly Belly?

The guy I was seeing recently had some of the beans.

I bought him a box and handed him a bean I thought was tutti frutti. It was vomit. He thought I did it on purpose. To placate him, I had to eat a vomit bean. Ick. Very, very ick.

I really like the sardine ones.

The vomit-flavored ones taste exactly like bile. It’s hard to swallow them, and it’s wholly necessary to chase them with a fruit flavor.

Bah! I bet very few, if any, of you sardine bean eating chaps could scoff down even a single Haribo Super Pirato. Double salted Danish black licorice is only for the stout of heart and palate.

On the package, the parrot is saying;

“A good strong licorice for all licorice lovers.”

The small red stripe is lettered with;

Adult licorice - not kid licorice

They contain 7% ammonium chloride by weight, which is salty enough to make your toes curl.

They are, yes.

Why vomit? Probably same reason as ear wax - they were both mentioned in the movies and I would assume also in the books…

My SO used to have a friend who absolutely loved salt. I think she would have ate these with no problem.

I think I could handle anything BUT vomit. Would it be cheating to avoid those?

A bowl of Jelly Bellies was sitting on the break table one day just after Christmas. I sat at the table and went through the familiar flavours in my mind: “that one’s probably water melon, that one’s buttered popcorn, that one’s fudge…Hold on, what’s grey with black specks, I’ve never seen that one before” and I picked one up and popped it in.

Coworker walks in right as I put it in my mouth, and my confusion at her expectant shit-eating grin was great enough that my brain didn’t process the flavour right away. Finally I started to cough, and finally sputtered, “What in the name of my sainted hat…!!!”

She cut me off. “Black Pepper!!!” Giggle giggle guffaw. Of course this is that much funnier because I am the supervisor.

A bit later I ate a sardine one, and grass, and earwax (individually so as to properly evaluate the subtle flavour profile). Grass tasted, well, green. Earwax tasted like crayons. Sardine tasted like sardine, I guess, except without the bones. Pretty gross but it did not kill me.

Couldn’t find the bogey ones in the package. Didn’t ahve the nerve to eat a Vomit bean. Another colleague cut one in half with a pocket knife, right after lunch, and it quickly suffused the room with the sour, bile-y, acrid stench of P-yoook. Gah.

Just think, some chemical engineer at Jelly Belly Inc. got a hefty bonus for coming up with that one!