True love is an earwax jellybean

How do I know? Because my husband gave me one and I didn’t kill him.

That’s love, people.

(In his defense, he was trying to give me a sardine one.)

What would’ve happened if he had given you the vomit one?

If anything, you should be glad you didn’t get the sardine ones. Those things are fuggin’ nasty.

I haven’t tried the Every Flavor beans yet. I’m scared.

… or “booger”

There are certain things I refuse to contemplate, for the health of my marriage.

I’ve only had the ones that are a little less gross (to me, anyway). I’ve tried black pepper, grass, dirt … can’t remember what else. I smelled a vomit one and nearly lost it. Grass is pretty good, though.

I loved the black pepper. It was oddly wonderful.

Soap was… soapy.

I love those things. Once I got a box and picked out all the non-gross ones (berry/fruit/whatever), then I went around treating my then-coworkers to what was left in the box. It was great.

I love the soap and grass ones!!!

Trivia: “vomit” is really a “pizza” that failed.

That is often the case.

The thing I wonder is how they got their testers to admit knowing enough about some of the flavors to be certain they were authentic.

heh-heh. I gave my husband a handful of Bertie Bott’s one day and watched him throw the whole handful into his mouth. He started chewing, got a very befuddled look on his face before he spat them out and asked what the heck I’d given him.

And I always wondered how they know what the bogey flavored should taste like. And what would one say to someone who ate a bogey flavored one and then either agreed that they got it right on the mark, or were off . . . :smiley:

They’re great fun. Here’s how we did it. Put all the beans in a cup. Have someone blindfolded and they pick a bean and pass it to someone else who is blindfolded. That way neither of you know what flavor it is and can’t give it away via gasps or giggles. The recipient bites it neatly in half(with a cup nearby to spit it out into if they need to). Then they guess the flavor, both remove blindfolds and compare the uneaten half to see if the guess was correct. Then the blindfolds go back on and the picker becomes the taster and vice versa.


As you’d expect :wink:

Well we don’t have thes wonderful things in Australia…anyone want to be nice and let me pay for them to send a pack over to me?

Brave soul!

Sure. My email is in my profile.

Don’t decide to have this adventure during the 1st trimester of pregnancy whilst still in the easily-puking stage. That’s my hard-learned advice.

I want to know true love.

What the hell are you all talking about???

These. It’s something out of the “Harry Potter” books brought to life.

Band Name! Earwax Jellybean rocks!