I bought my very first bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Good lord, can you imagine working in the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans factory?!

“This doesn’t quite taste like vomit yet . . . Not acidy enough. And the earwax one: I think we need a little more ‘ear’ and a little less ‘wax,’ don’t you? Now, let me try the new ‘sardine’ and see if the salt comes through better . . .”

I had a Swedish friend that loved this stuff. He made me try one; I HAD to spit it out. Too harsh.

Made by Jelly Belly, distributed by Cap Candy, and licensed by Warner Bros., I believe.

I thought booger was more or less flavorless. Sardine is vile beyond all imagining, though.

I haven’t found a box yet. Where do I buy them??

Local supermarket ought to have them.

Sounds like these are better-executed than the (real life) Willy Wonka candy. I thought that was just cruel: promising kids Everlasting Gobstoppers and stuff that was not at all Everlasting… you know, it just couldn’t live up to the billing. I thought that was mean-spirited marketing. Bah.

Maybe the sardine should be taken on a cracker with a little cheese.

Strange way to take a jellybean, but whatever.