Harry Potter cast!

I guess everyone was too preoccupied with Survivor to post about this, if they were even aware. The casting department for the Harry Potter movie have found Harry, Ron and Hermione. Ron looks okay. Hermione is smaller and thinner than one would expect, but I imagine they wanted a girl who hadn’t yet had her growth spurt, so she won’t tower over the two guys, as girls tend to do at that age. Harry’s hair is lighter, but the face is a perfect match! He looks so like the illustrations, it’s uncanny! They’re all unknowns, but they each have a bit of experience; at least enough that they know how to take direction and so forth. This is the first thing that’s happened so far to convince me that making a movie might not be a mistake!

Yeah, I saw the kid playing Potter on the news. He does look a lot like the one in the book. Though I haven’t actually read it yet. I think I might though. Are they good?

Best. Books. Ever.

::puts on riot gear and hides::

Damn smileys, always sneaking into my posts…

Seriously, though, they are incredibly enjoyable books. Of course they have the added advantage of being about experiences in school, and we all have some pleasant memories of those (I hope), and Rowling does a great job of reminding us of how much fun banter with friends was. Definitely worth reading.

I’ll have to check them out. Thanks KKB.

They’ve cast some of the adult characters as well. Maggie Smith and Robbie Coltrane are giong to be in it, but I don’t know what parts they’ll be playing.

Maggie Smith is playing McGonnagal, Robbie Coltrane is playing Hagrid, and Richard Griffiths is playing Uncle Dudley Dursley. I say to ye, these are fantastic choices!

I know Rosie O’Donnel was angling for the bit part as Ron’s mom. Yeah, I know she don’t have flaming red hair, but I do believe she could pull of the Southhampton, England accent I picture the woman having.

Any word on that front?

Here’s a link to the picture of the kids–they look like pretty good matches to me.

As for Rosie–aren’t they planning to use strictly British actors?

If they can confirm Alan Rickman, I’ll chance the movie. Hell, I even saw “Robin Hood - Piece of Trash, er, Prince of Thieves” only because he was in it. Otherwise, I’ll probably avoid them the same way I try to avoid all the sickly sweet tripe Chris Columbus vomits into a theatre near you.

And the wonderful Maggie Smith is (I believe) going to be the mother. The producer was being interviewed yesterday and I got the impression it might be a pretty faithful production.

The Harry Potter kid did very well in David Copperfield, looking like it might work.

I heard someone mention Miranda Richardson for
Mrs. Weasley. She seems a bit of name for so small a roll. Although it does grow if they go on to the second book.

I had heard about the kids but I didn’t know about Mggie Smith. She is exactly what I picture Professor McGonnagal to look like!