The Marauders (alternate casting)

when it comes to movie adaptation, i find this character set in the harry potter books fascinating. i was practically praying that my choice of actor for sirius black would be psychically followed by the producers but it was not to be. but if we were to cast black, lupin, james potter and pettygrew as a set who will it be:

sirius black - robert de niro
(deceased) james potter - al pacino
remus lupin - james gandolfini
peter pettygrew - joe pesci

director: brian de palma

hogwarts-southern california:
sirius black - bruce willis
(deceased) james potter - andy garcia
remus lupin - samuel jackson jr.
peter pettygrew - cheech marin

director: quentin tarantino

for an elderly quadruplet, the actors of prisoner in the iron mask:
sirius black - gerard depardiu
(deceased) james potter - john malkovich
remus lupin - jeremy irons
peter pettygrew - gabriel byrne

director: richard attenborough