Harry Potter II

I was just thinking about Harry Potter II (Chamber of Secrets). Specifically who would play the role of Gilderoy Lockheart. The actor that INSTANTLY springs to mind is Bruce Cambell. I’m sure they don’t have him cast as Professor Lockheart, that would be too good to be true, but I am wondering if anyone knows who is set to play Lockheart?

Kenneth Branagh is playing Lockhart. I think that’s inspired casting–he’s got the perfect mixture of egotism and smarminess. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in this role!

I thougt of Cambell too, when reading the book.

The movies will only have British actors though.

I wonder if the French and what ever country that other guy from 4 will be played by Brits?

It was supposed to be Hugh Grant IIRC but he was too busy to accept.

Rik Mayal. I kept picturing “Lord Flashheart” from Blackadder.

I agree with crazy4chaucer… Branagh is the ideal choice. He can play the fop as well as the villain, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings to the film.

Alan Rickman and Kenneth Branagh in the same movie. I think I may just faint! grin

Who do dopers think should play Sirius and Lupin in HP3?

You can read about it at the website. They even have a picture of Branagh that is Lockhart perfectly.

I think Colin Firth would be a good Sirius. I would have to think about Lupin, though. He was one of my favorite characters and should be done justice. Maybe Alan Cumming, he’s got those soulful eyes.

Ooo - good choice (drool…)