John Malkovich as Voldemort? NOOOOOOO!!!!


Am I the only person who thinks that Malkovich is one of the most overrated actors in movies today? When I read the (false rumors) that Rowan Atkinson would play Voldemort or that Leonard Nimoy was being considered for Dumbledore I actually could see it sort of, but I can’t see this one. I always pictured Rufus Sewell, James Frain, or somebody else young, dark, and English. But I just honestly can’t see One-trick Malkovich tackle the role even if it is a villain in a children’s book (besides which, I thought that Rowling specifically wanted English actors in the series).

Your thoughts?

Hey, Malkovich is pretentious and theatrical, that’s just as good as being British! :wink:

I kid, I kid.

I, too, would rather John Malkovich not appear in the HP movies. Because then I might be convinced to actually go and see the movie. And I really haven’t liked either of the Harry Potter movies they’ve made so far. (Haven’t read the books, either, and based on the movies, I don’t plan to any time soon.)

WTF! He can’t play him! He looks NICE! Voldemort can’t look nice! He is EVIL. They better do a lot of makeup on him, including the slits for eyes, almost like cats eyes. If he has blue eyes instead of red I will LOSE IT. I don’t like who is playing Sirius Black, or Remus Lupin for the 3rd movie. They are both supposed to look handsome in a sort, and neither of them look it. Grrrr. I don’t like this casting. :mad: If they screw up teen James, Sirius, and Remus, I swear, I will go crazy. :mad:

Can you tell I am a Potter freak?

No, flamingbananas, I didn’t have a clue. Malk looks nice? (For some of the movie, by the way, it’ll be his voice only). Onscreen, he’s usually quite cold and distant, I can’t think of any actor who comes across as less friendly. Maybe Alan Rickman, but sometimes he uses it to be funny.

Well from the picture he looked nice…they shouldn’t put nice pictures for such an evil guy…fights losing battle What movies was he in again?

I think it’s a good choice. He might overact it abit, but so did Kenneth Brannagh.

He’ll do a good job.

You need to overact it. It’s VOLDEMORT. The most evil guy in the wizarding world. People don’t repeat his name. Better overact it, then make him seem nice. I hope he looks scary. He better look scary. If he doesn’t…blood pressure rises

Umm…guys? This link was posted in another thread:

Apparently it’s just a rumor.

You do realize that probably 90% of this film’s budget is spent on the special effects, right? Given the way they’ve tried to adapt every word Rowling wrote, I don’t imagine they’ll try something radically unusual.

By the way, overacting doesn’t make people scarier, it makes them look silly. That’s why it’s called overacting. :wink:


So that’s the second Voldemort rumor. According to scripture there will be another, and it will be the worst yet. I’m guessing…


Quoth flamingbananas:

Which books were you reading? Sirius, at least after ahem the relevant events, is supposed to look chilling and haunted, and nobody even wants to sit next to Remus because he looks like a tramp. Just because so many people developed crushes on the characters doesn’t mean that they look handsome.

Well I like JM and I think he plays evil well, but I knew it had to be a rumor because whoever signs to play him now signs for rest of the rest of the series.

Or you would think.

I still havn’t read HP5. Is is any better than 4?

That’s Potter-mania for you, I guess…

I just read about this in, and they normally have their facts correct, so it’s baffling that they would screw up so badly this time.

Althuogh I like Malkovich, I like the fact that all the actors in the HP movies have been English (or Scottish, Irish, etc.) so I would hate if they changed the M.O. now.

Bugger. It’s only a rumor? I was dusting off my libido at the mere idea of Rickman and Malkovich in the same movie. If they threw Jeremy Irons into the mix I swear they’d have to give it an NC-17 rating. Rrowwrr.

Any news yet as to who Voldemort will be?

I started the Mr. Bean is Voldmort thread and it was explained to me that the ‘news’ on the IMDB is broken into two sections. The top section - Movie and TV News - is the gossip section while the lower or Studio Briefing is ‘news’.

That is just pure evil!


Um, Shirley, you do realize that Brannagh was supposed to overact his role. He was Gilderoy Lockhart, for the love of Mike!

I can’t say how glad I am to hear the Malkovich thing is a rumor. I really don’t like him as an actor, and was dismayed when the other thread was posted. Great news!

Actually Jeremy Irons wouldn’t be bad.