Harry Potter speculation

Don’t feel like bumping a thread just to bring this up. But…during speculation about what’s going to happen in book 5 and beyond, several people have predicted that Harry and Cho Chang will become an item.

But IIRC, she was a seventh-year in GoF. Right? So that would be unlikely, at best.

It could happen… but why should something predictable happen? It would be a little weird for it to happen in Book 5, at least, given the grusome death of her fella the year before.

Right, Apos: that’s another obstacle. But what I’m really getting at is, I think she graduated at the end of Harry’s fourth year, so she won’t be around Hogwarts.

I assumed they were in the same year. Shows how much of a fan I am.

I thought she was a fifth-year in GoF, actually.

But who cares about Harry and Cho? The question is, are Ron and Hermione going to get it on (like safe, sensible 15-year olds, of course. :wink: )?

Cho is a year older than Harry; it says so in Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter 13: