Harry Potter Weekend

Amazon.co.uk is giving away a ‘Harry Potter Weekend’:

As much as I enjoy the Harry Potter series, and as much as I like to travel, I don’t have any kids; so I can’t go.

whine Why is it only for the kiddies?!

So borrow one! Most of my friends who have kids are always asking me if I want to take them home with me. Maybe you can find someone who wants to get rid of their kid for a weekend.

Sausage Creature, the kids do get all the cool stuff, but do they get to eat Froot Loops for dinner? I think not. It’s good to be a grown-up!

Too true! (But can I have Cinnamon Toast Crunch, instead?) :smiley:

Well I have two kids in the right age group and I went to register them…

You have to be a citizen of the UK or Ireland.


Sure! You can have Cinnamon Toast Crunch! With chocolate milk! Yum, yum! We can pretend it’s a Harry Potter-style banquet. Really, who needs roast phoenix? We’re having cereal!

Ar? The copy says ‘70 lucky children from around the world’. Maybe there’s a different page for children from other countries? (Incidentally, I got the notice because I pre-ordered the book from amazon.uk.)

D’you think I could pass myself off as 10 or 12?

No…? Aw, nuts. :frowning:

I’m really short–if I find a way to strap down my boobs and you dye your hair red, I can pass for a 12-year-old, and you can be my mom. :slight_smile:

MagicEyes, reading this reminded me of something totally of topic, but I hope entertaining none the less…

A friend of my mother’s would jokingly tell her “My grandchildren are coming to visit this weekend. The little darlings are getting here on Saturday. The little bastards are leaving on Sunday.”

That always cracked me up.

you may now continue to enjoy the rest of your day.

Sweet! :smiley:

If I put about 50 pounds on my son, he could go as Augustus Gloop.


I know, I saw that too, but at the end of the registration form there’s a few questions like “Is your child between the ages of 8 and 16” and one of them is “Are you a resident of UK or Ireland” and when you go into “Terms and Conditions” it says all winners must be residents of the UK or Ireland.

So maybe you have to be an ex-pat to win?

There are Brits and Irish all over the world, so I guess it’s not false advertising…

bastards! I wanna win!