Harvey Fierstein in La Cage Aux Folles?

Has anyone seen Harvey Feirstein in La Cage Aux Folles yet? OMG, he is AMAZING. I was really excited to see this, since the Birdcage is one of my favorite movies. Then I got to the theatre (got my ticket via TKTs) and realized that he was in it!!! He really deserves to be nominated for a special Tony for this. His rendition of I Am What I Am was AMAZING!!! Almost like seeing a female Broadway diva! (well he IS an impersonator) I also loved how when he came out in a tux he looked exactly like a Northampton lesbian. The score is not one of my favorites…ie not a lot of catchy songs, but I did find myself singing " The Best of Times is Now, a lot.

Considering he wrote the Book for the show, it’s not too surprising that he would be good in it.