Harvey Korman dies

He was 81.

“That’s Hedley!”

Obligatory Youtube link.
We’ll miss you, Harvey.

I’m sad that I wished for this when I saw the Star Wars Holiday Special .

Damn. I was hoping he’d get to crack up at Tim Conway’s funeral.

RIP, Count de Money.

Oh no! He gave us lots of laughs. I grew up watching him on The Carol Burnett Show and I always loved how he’d start cracking up during scenes, especially when working with Tim Conway. His laugh was infectious.

Rest in peace, Havey.

Mother Marcus: “Vat is the problem? Here is where I am.”

RIP, Harvey. Thanks for all the laughs.

That’s de Monet!

This makes me sad. Even tho he hasn’t been in the spotlight for a while, I always found him entertaining. I hope he went out giggling…

Oh, wow. Two of my favorite people in Hollywood in one week. Sydney Pollack, and now, Harvey Korman.

Korman, you brightened my day with your wit and antics. One of my favorite lines is: “Piss boy! Oh, piss boy…wait for the shake!”

DEE Monayyyyy.


Thank you, Harvey!

He always seemed to get cast playing the creep – even on the Carol Burnett Show – but he did it so well! :slight_smile:

The Great Gazoo is gone.

“Gosh Mr. Taggert–You use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore!!”

That pretty much says it all. Goodbye Harvey–another comic genius who has left for backstage. You will be missed.

RIP Harvey. Thanks for the laughter.

Damn. Goodbye, Harvey. You were a very funny man.

:frowning: He was one of, if not THE, best comedian ever.

The guy had perfect delivery. Usually as a straightman – an underappreciated skill.

[Slim Pickens]Ditto![/Slim Pickens]

We’ve lost such a comedic genius. :frowning:

It tastes fishy