Tim Conway suffering from dementia

Sad news.

He’s almost entirely non-responsive.

So sad. He was by far one of the funniest men on TV.

The Elephant Story.

Tim’s work with Don Knotts was incredible.

Tim is 84. I didn’t realize he wasn’t still working.

We recently lost Jerry Van Dyke. All the classic physical comics are gone.

Dementia is a terrible way to end any life.
I wish Tim the best and hope his family is staying strong. Give him the support and love he needs.


He’ll always be Ensign Chuck Parker, USN to me. :frowning:

He also made a memorable appearance on “Newhart”.

In 5th grade we had to give an oral report on our favorite TV show and I chose “McHale’s Navy”

I read his autobiography What’s So Funny a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Now I’m sad. Fnork.

He was always so fun to watch. I hope he isn’t suffering.

Conway and Harvey Korman made a guest appearance on Dick Van Dyke’s Diagnosis: Murder as guess what? An old comedy duo.

I forgive him for luring Ernie Anderson (aka Ghoulardi) from Cleveland to Los Angeles in the early ‘60s to make the big bucks — Ernie ended up as the announcer on the Carol Burnett show.

Tim was a comic genius, as you can see from “The Elephant Story.” Can anyone find a link to “Bunny Lawyer,” which could be his finest moment? It used to be easily available on YouTube, but I haven’t seen it in years.

What timing. What delivery!

You can see that CB frequently hides her face from the camera. This was likely so the audience wouldn’t see her helplessly cracking up. The 1970s cast of SNL tended to disparage the CB Show as hackneyed and clumsy, pointing out the fact that the cast could often be seen about to break into uncontrollable laughter. But damn, how could they help it when the writing was so good?

His was the sort of humor that does not age. Every now and then, I go to YouTube and watch the Elephant Story (although to be fair, it was Vickie Lawrence who really made that clip a classic…) or the Dentist sketch. Still hilarious.

So sad - dementia is a horrible way to live.

I think most of his stuff was improvised on the spot, not written in advance. A lot of the time you can tell he’s just waiting to spring another surprise on the rest of the cast.

I loved that show! As with Star Trek, I got special enjoyment from watching it just knowing that my mother hated it.

I remember the response to the Dentist sketch was so great they repeated it a week later, which was really unheard of for a variety show taped on that schedule.

I was in high school then, and I was literally rolling on the floor watching that sketch for the first time!

Are we sure he’s not just pranking us?

Very sad. I honestly did not realize he was still alive.

His headstone should have a single word on it: SNORK

Anyone who remembers it would get it immediately and smile. What better way to remember him.

He had recently been doing promo spots on MeTV for Carol Burnette reruns.

IIRC, he would stick with the script as written forvthevafternoon run through/ dress rehearsal and the improvise during the filming.

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