Has anyone completed the "Rotate" game on Nokia cellphones? It seems impossible

I think mine is a Nokia 8260. One of the games is a number-square type puzzle, I think it’s 3 x 3, where you can rotate the numbers in blocks of 2x2. The idea is to get the numbers in sequence. I’ve noticed that when it jumbles the numbers they don’t start in sequence, and I’ve never been able to get it to work out. Does anyone know the secret?


No advise on a secret but here’s Nokia’s web playable version. Maybe someone can figure it out. I’ll give it a go.

Wow! It’s like Rubik’s Cube but with numbers. The only thing I can think of is sitting down with pencil and paper and working backwards. How else can you know that

2 5 6
3 4 9
1 8 7

is only 4 turns away from completion?

OK - if anyone is at all interested, you can search Google groups for “Nokia rotation game” - this has been analyzed to death, including solutions. Wish I’d thought of looking there before.