Has anyone driven a Kia Niro?

We are looking to buy our first new new car, and we are seeking something that costs $25,000 or less, gets over 40 mpg and is bigger than a shoebox. The Niro seems to fit the ticket-50 mpg averaged, the midranged model goes for about $23,000 or so, and it apparently has a bit of storage room. Does anyone have experience driving one of these and, if so, how was it?
if you want to throw in any other vehicles that might fit the bill, go for it.

The Missus and I got her into a Stinger last April. In June I got a new job with a freeway/rush hour commute so my little manual sportscar was no longer bueno (traffic with a clutch is a pain). So I needed something with an automatic. So back to Kia. Drove the Forte, the Niro, the Optima. Ended up with a Stinger myself. So two takeaways: 1) don’t even sit in a Stinger unless you’re ready to plop down $35k for the GT AWD because 2) five minutes in that sucker and everything else on the lot will feel like a slug. Other than not being a Stinger the Niro was fine. Kia has come a long way with regard to quality. I believe bumper-bumper to 100k is standard now.

The Stinger is out of our price range.

I have only looked at a Niro, not driven on, but it seems like a nice car. I am not in the market for a car at all and I still want a Niro in Deep Cerulean. Man, that’s a beautiful paint color.

My wife and I test drove a Niro and liked it a lot. It drove well, was priced great, and we loved the mileage for a such a roomy vehicle. I was leaning toward it, but then my wife unexpectedly (to me) wanted to go for the Chevy Bolt, which is what we got. I know the Bolt is not in your price range (tho it is freakin’ awesome). But anyway, I thought the Niro was really great.

A friend at work has one and he loves it.