Has anyone else here never had a headache?

An awful lot of people I’ve known have a headache a lot of the time. Migraines run in my family. They used to require my mother to go to the hospital to be shot up with painkillers, and sometimes they wouldn’t knock her out. My grandmother would have migraines so severe she’d throw up. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

I can’t think of one time I have ever had what could conceivably be called a headache. When I first set up house, I bought one of everything I figured I’d need, including a bottle of aspirins. I had that bottle for so long without using any that the pills decomposed into powder and smelled like vinegar.

How common is this? Is there anybody else here, or do you know of anyone, who has never had a headache?

I used to never get headaches; I have since discoverred that a hangover can give me one. :smiley: But the pain is sufficiently unfamiliar that when I do get a headache I always wonder at first how I managed to hit my head on something without remembering it, until I realize oh, it’s a headache.

I always tell doctors not to factor in “no headache” when making a diagnosis, as I don’t get them, but not quite never.

I had one one time, when my sinuses were blocked and I had to travel by air. Hitting my head hurts (I’m 6’5", so it happens to me more than most) but it hurts ON my head rather than IN my head…which is what I understand a headache to feel like (and what the sinus/airplane thing was like).

Not “never” (just had one yesterday), but they’re very rare. And never bad; I might take Tylenol if I really need to concentrate or something, but usually I don’t bother. Of the five writers here at work, three get migraines – my supervisor’s are so bad that they are almost mini-strokes (she’s on a first-name basis with her neurologist). So when I do get a headache it’s distracting and weird, but I know better than to ever complain. :smiley:

I never had headaches until college, when I was required to stare at a computer screen all day, every day. Then I began to have headaches and the occasional migraine creep in once in a while.

I’ve rarely had a headache. Maybe 1-2 in my whole life, and they tend to last about 5-10 minutes.

I don’t ever really recall the last natural one that I’ve had. The ones I do get are entirely my fault (caffeine dependence and hangovers).

I…I…am so jealous.

I can get a headache waking up wrong (I’ve never figured out what “wrong” is but I can tell when I wake up if I’m goin to get one) - and my body’s only way to rid it is to sleep for another hour or two. hehe

That’s exactly what happens to one of my co-workers: she’ll wake up with a migraine, but she just needs to sleep for a couple more hours and then she’s ok.

I get headaches all the time, but I hardly ever get colds, and I’ve never had Strep throat so I guess it’s a tradeoff.

I will gladly take my first case of chicken pox now, at age 23, if I could never get another headache ever again.

A coworker of mine has regular headaches associated with her menstral cycle. And that’s in addition to the radom migranes and and hayfever whatnots that strike every couple of weeks.

Y’all suck.

By the way, does it seem like women get way more headaches then men?

You lucky sons of bitches. I’m in the “headache if I wake up wrong” category.

I get headaches when I wake up if I either need more sleep, or have overslept. And the overslept ones take hours to go away. They’re not bad, but they are incredibly annoying.

I get very rare migraines, but not really bad ones. A not-so-bad one, however, is still…bad. shudder

Have never had a headache, and have never had a hangover (and if anyone ever deserved to get one, especially back in my all-night-at-the-bar days…).

I mentioned this to a doctor once and he said some people are lucky and never get a headache their entire life.

I did, however, once have a sno-cone incident on a hot summer day when my brother dared me to chug the ice as fast as I could. This did cause a bit of a head freeze that I assume must be what a headache feels like. It wasn’t pleasant, and now that I think of it, I don’t think I ever had a sno-cone after that little escapade.

Well, not quite never. I occassionally get mild headaches if I am tired or dehydrated or haven’t eaten in a while. They’re just dull throbs at my temples, I take some tylenol and they go away in 15 minutes or so. A couple times I’ve gotten headaches in my sleep that have woken me up. I’ve never had a migraine or a sinus headache or anything like that.

I also don’t get menstral cramps. Mild discomfort at most, but usually nothing. Hate me yet?

The only times I ever get headaches are when I’m seriously sick (like influenza or something) or when I don’t have any caffeine in the morning.

Having known several people who are regularly afflicted with migraines, I count myself pretty lucky.

Same here. :slight_smile: