Has anyone else noticed that Sarah Palin isn't wearing a wedding ring

…on her book tour? She had a very small ring during the presidential campaign, but quite clearly does not wear one now, at least during her book signings. She is right handed, so I don’t think that the actual effort at signing has anything to do with this.

I am a single guy about her age so it is an involuntary reaction to glance at the left hand of an attractive woman, and I have noticed this within the last couple of weeks. Any rumors out there?

I don’t know–I’ve never seen the wedding ring thing as all that big a deal since my parents both never wore one. Though I guess if you were wearing one and then stopped it would be odd…

Weren’t there rumors of a divorce a while ago?

This means she’s single, I guess. Time to go fuck her head off.

You are aware that there are quite a few happily married women don’t and never have worn a wedding ring?

And a lot of people who never have been or plan to get married, but are happily involved, who don’t wear wedding rings. Not applicable to Sarah Palin, but just sayin’.

My guess is that she takes it off in case the book signing is crashed by a moose or lib’rul, in which case it would be her bounden duty to kill and gut it. All that blood is bad for cubic zirconium, you betcha!

Nothing more awkward than losing a ring inside the carcass you’re dressing.

I frequently don’t wear my wedding ring. It gets caught on everything. I still considered myself married.

I googled *Sarah Palin wedding ring *and as early as October 2008 people noticed she sometimes didn’t have it on. So she’s probably not getting divorced.

She’s got 4 kids, so you know she puts out sometimes!

It’s because she’s so mavericky ! (and also a media whore. Anything to keep people talking about her)

How can we trust her to defend marriage if she refuses to wear a wedding ring?

I was just going to say that a Google image search turned up several pics dated October of 2008, and in some she was wearing a ring and some she wasn’t.

But both of you are missing the important information here which is that googled images from October of 2008 shows different wedding ring wearing habits for Sarah Palin. For both of your wonderful posts, you seemed to miss that fact. :cool:

A lot of men and women don’t care for rings. She may have been one that didn’t wear a ring and especially put it on while running for Vice President.

I have three pieces of jewelry which I love but I don’t wear because I’m the type of person that loses things. I lost two gold bracelets and said, "Ok enough of this, I quit wearing them. I bought a new one and unless it’s a special occasion I don’t risk losing it again

I’m no Palin fan, but this is a non-issue.
I wear my wedding rings all the time, but that’s just me. My hubby has a nice plain gold band I bought him, and he wears it most of the time. But not always.

My feeling is, if he’s going to cheat, the ring ain’t gonna stop him, and if he’s not gonna cheat, lack of a ring is not going to make him do so.

It may be an issue, you do not know. Thats the sport of speculation.