Has anyone ever made a map of the Portal facility?

After playing through Portal for the umpteenth time, I was wondering if anyone ever mapped the layout of the Aperture Science Laboratories. There are areas later in the game where you can view some of the early levels through windows. I’m curious if this has been mapped. Google is not my friend, I’m afraid.

I wander if the Enrichment Center crosses with itself. I know that there have been “maps” made of Black Mesa, but they’re not really functional maps of what a real world Black Mesa would look like because there are parts that if you simply lay all the geometry on top of each other with the entrances/exits lined up the entire facility ends up having instances where 3 or 4 rooms are occupying the same place. I think it also has some anomalies like some of the outdoor areas technically being lower than the blast pit with the tentacle which doesn’t make too much sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if Portal did something similar, though it does seem to be laid out BETTER at least, it might explain why there isn’t one.

All of the different levels are connected by an elevator, and there’s no real indication of how far you’re going in each case (or even if it’s up or down), so I can’t really see any opportunities for self-contradiction in the Portal maps. Really, all it would be would be the map of Level 18 (which contains all of the windows into earlier levels), but since it’s all in a single level, it would have to be self-consistent.

I was actually more worried about after you escape, I could see it overlapping one or two test chambers at some point in the steamworks.

Except that you’re still in level 18, from a programming point of view: It’s just that large parts of level 18 have a different style of decoration. At that point, overlapping some test chambers is the sort of thing that could only happen if you really put a lot of effort into making it happen, and if they had put that much effort into making it happen, they would have called attention to the fact.

Incidentally, when you break back into the early test chambers, you’re almost certainly not actually in the same location as you were in the early game, though it’d probably take cheat codes to be able to tell for certain.