Has anyone ever won at pogo.com?

I go there every so often and play Word Whomp, and I accumulate points. You can then use those points to purchase “tickets” for online cash drawings, anywhere from $50 to $1000.

I was just wondering if anyone had ever cashed in their points and won anything. Also, how do you win the jackpot?

I want to second that. And they get me for 35.00 a year too!

I don’t pay…I put up with the ads.

I won at bingo. Once.

To win the jackpot, “jackpot” has to come up in the little spinny thing after you win a game.

Well, I’ve had the little spinny thing hit “jackpot” once, but it just gave me more tickets. Or was it points? Something I did not use in either case. Maybe I did something wrong? I could have been a Pogo millionaire!!!

Another Pogo player checks in:

The only thing I’ve won is tokens. No, I don’t know what they’re good for. I suppose I could search and read and search and read and find the answer, but I don’t really go to Pogo to win stuff (except tokens!). I think you can use your tokens to buy little “people” and dress them up and such. I don’t do that. I do, however, waste hours on MahJong Garden, Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Word Whomp, and various other games. Yes, I pay the fee and collect the weekly badges to accompany my name on the player list.

If I ever won any real money, I’d shit my pants!

MrsSgtSchwartz won $5. They mailed her a check. She pays the subscription fee. So I don’t know if people win huge jackpots, but people do win.

SSG Schwartz

Um… I guess I hope you never win, then.

It’s not a fly by night company. It’s run by EA Games. I firmly believe that those that they say win, actually do. Of course I never have. Just tokens and a few wallpapers.

ETA My wife won $20 once. I’ll be going there after I check the forums here. Maybe tonight is my lucky night.

I’m a Pogo member too…meaning I pay the $5 a month so I can win the badges. It makes me feel like the time I’m wasting is not for naught. :smiley: The tokens you earn can be used to enter into the weekly drawings, but I never do that. I just accumulate them and sometimes buy stuff for my Mini. I have won wallpapers and screensavers, but no money yet. I don’t play for that purpose anyway. I have learned how to play quite a few games that I wouldn’t have otherwise. For instance, I didn’t know how to play Canasta, but I learned on Pogo and it’s one of my favorite games now. I think the games are well animated and very cute. If any of you Dopers want to get “together” and play cards and chat sometimes, that would be cool!

I don’t participate in the chats. I come here for intelligent conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find I get fatigued after playing Word Whomp for awhile…my brain gets fried or something. And sometimes their words are weird.

I think the big prizes are reserved for paying members. I don’t play there often enough to make it worth the fee.

Pogo.com is one of th popups that started showing up on my computer due to a trojan or something. So to me they seem suspect.

But they’re owned by EA Games?! :eek:


They’ve been around a long time. I played there back when I had a Performa 575.

My mom and I play a lot and enter a lot. No wins yet.

I don’t think you have to pay to be eligible to win. At least that’s the impression I got from reading the Help section.

Frylock, pogo.com is a legitimate free game site, and they have lots of different games. They used to have trivia but they stopped that.